'Children of Earth - The Power of Memory' is an original work of fiction. Please do not plagarise
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Children of Earth
Cycle Four
-The Power of Memory-

Memory Data #4.10 - Sasha, End Cycle. Beginning of New Adventure.

Years seemed to slip by as if they were only passing minutes as Gregory Braggett III and I lived
together in the bowels of the Relian Capital. I suppose a normal being could not truly begin to
understand what immortality is like, living days as if they were only trivial dreams one sees
when they sleep.

The memories I had of my past were just that, memories. One cannot revel in the past, I
learned somewhere along the way, and I did not revel... I did not think too much about it all.
Unlike my mate, who went mad with those old memories and old regrets. Where he is now, I still
do not know. It has not been high on my priority list to track him down.

Now... Now I am working on something new. I am working on ridding this new world I have started
to call home of the Kelian influence.

Why, you ask, well that's simple. Kelians are filthy beings, hideous, stupid, I could go on for
years why they are inferior beings, but I won't. The truth is, I have a bit of regret that I
could not save that planet that resembled earth so much. The death of millions was eating away
at my heart. And it was partially my fault that it happened. I have been feeling that I need
to rectify myself somehow.

So... Greg and I have been working together. We have been uncovering the dirty little secrets
about the Parliament, here in our little hole. Greg is motivated in avenging his father's death
and I am helping him as well as working on my little whims.

So, that's where we are now. The memories restored. My humanity restored. And I'm working on
how to use my humanity on an alien world, where I am one of a kind.


This is the fourth part of a saga called Children of Earth Cycle Four - The Power of Memory. The
quality of this work is lacking compared to my other titles. I wrote this story a million years ago.
So, compared to my other work, this work is considered less than digestible... But please read
and review, i would really appreciate any feedback.

The Children of Earth will continue in other sagas under a slightly different name. This work
was more or less an introduction to a larger and longer storyline with Sasha Benedict AKA the Geek
as the main character.

Look for the continuation of the adventures of The Geek coming in the near future!