This is my humble tribute to the beauty of the Twin Towers, which we, as a nation, shall always remember.

Sometime Lofty Towers

Sometime lofty towers,
Are always sometimes there,
Always, sometimes rising,
Remembered-otherwise, revered

Sometime lofty towers,
Cascading neon-or of certain dreams
Always sometimes realized
Of glowing, tangent green

Sometime lofty towers,
Vulnerable; but steel and there.
A night of quiet lighting
And a powder blue struck-unaware

Sometime lofty towers,
Unable to subtract, but-divide
A chasm of sudden openness
And a sudden depth of sky

Sometime lofty towers
Feel a suddenness-and sharp
As we all instantly formed ourselves
And mirror-shattered a heart

Sometimes lofty towers
All human out of steel
And it seems a quirk of basic nature
To prove plans, sometimes, are real

Sometime lofty towers
Still sprites against the night
Appearing of four-month smoke
And cascading neon light