Mia Death
I'm in a vicious cycle
one without an end
And I'm terrified
Of whats behind the bend
I'm dieing very slowly,
Leaving a lonely life
And I'm not gonna go
From a gun or knife
I'm killing myself
In a tragic way
SO much closer to death
Every single day
I was sure the first time
It would be the last
But I was so nieve
And younger in the past
I sware that I am eating
But can I keep it down
There's noone else like me
In this lonely town
Breakfast is in the toilet,
and suppers in this bag
I'm cleanign up my puke
With a dirty rag
My biles mixed with blood
It's screaming out my name
When I started out
I thougdht it was a game
I'm almost to thee end
The closing of my book
But first I'll turn around
And take a final look
My bodey lays there weary
And blood is in the sink
I look so cold and lonely
It's getting hard to think
Why'd I even start this?
I guess it was for thin
Why would I even start this?
If I couldn't win?