The Ballad of Lorelia Highwater

A thousand years or more ago,
When forests were well grown,
There lived a ranger of renown,
Whose name is still well known.

Storm Highwater, her name was called,
And she was very daring,
Her exploits heard throughout the land,
By all but hard of hearing.

But know she had a sister,
Who was very daring too,
But also had a reckless side,
Which got her in a stew.

Lorelia was named at birth,
By simply charming mother,
Tried to be like sister dear,
And got into another,

Stew, a real tight spot,
Cause she also was a ranger,
She tried to kill a dragon wyrm,
And ended up in danger.

The dragon was a red one,
With snake-like scaly neck,
She didn't know how bad it was,
So she went in to check.

In her hand her magic bow,
Strapped to back her sword,
Silently she crept on in,
Speaking not a word.

Struck she very suddenly,
Firing her bow,
Up the dragon reared quite fast,
While she ducked very low.

Suddenly, with idea,
She sprang up with pride,
Oh, almighty dragon wyrm,
May I be your bride?