Title: The Substitute Teacher

Author: Krystal de Lioncourt

The kids made their way into the classroom in pairs, or in small groups. The room filled with the sounds of laughter, and bits and pieces of conversations. Suddenly the room became silent. All eyes were turned to the door. The doorknob began to slowly turn. There was a scrambling to get to desks. By the time that the door started to open every student was sitting silently in their desk. The teacher walked into the room, he paused to look at the students, he smiled evilly and made his way to the podium.

Some of the braver students exchanged quick glances with their friends. What was this? Their expressions said, A substitute teacher! The sub turned and began to write on the board. As if by magic a notebook and pen appeared on every desk. The time slowly ticked away as the students silently took notes. The bell rang. The students stayed in their desks, waiting for the sub to dismiss them. But instead of freeing them, he did the unthinkable, he assigned homework!

The frightened students left the room, thinking about their bad luck. The chattering picked up again as they made their way to another room, to repeat the learning process once again.