~Misplaced Prayer~

Bright light so pretty
burns out my eyes,
blinds me and breaks
all the lines between lies.
Cast out your candle
you're hurting me so--
you're sending me packing
with noplace to go.

(Please. . .)
I close my eyes
and try to pray. . .

Changes in vision
turn the next page,
tear out your promises
shred them onstage.
I tried to call heaven
but no one was there--
would have asked God
but you said he won't care.

(God. . .)
But all my gods have
run away. . .

Runs down like rainfall
the taste of denial,
that you know that I'm hurting
but laugh the whole while.
Please stop your playing
I don't like this game--
choke me with lies but I'll
trust you the same.

(No. . .)
I just can't take
another day. . .

Mangled misshapen
the bruises show clear,
where you struck me and
stabbed at me here here and here.
My angel you're perfect
and so must be right--
my blood marks your wings but
they still must be white.

(Why. . .)
I still believe the things
you say. . .

Never once lied to me
never had need,
submissive before you
and on bloody knees.

I tried to call heaven,
they don't want me there.
Would have asked God. . .
but I know you won't care.

~~~(c) 01/02 The Mad Poet (A.K. LaBelle)