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PROLOUGE: The Beginning of The End

Long ago, when the world you know was the Land of Magic and the
impossible was possible; Dragons roamed the Earth, Sprites protected
the Wood and Water, and many other things you don't believe in were
reality. A lush place where there was endless water and endless land,
the Earth conversed with the Air above, the Fire mingled with the
Water, Light shined on true Love of human and Magic kin alike and all
was in balance, and Harmony between all living things flourished. This
continued for many an eon.

But, as it is true with everything, to be in Balance there is
an opposite to everything. And since Light and Love were on the part of
the Land, the other part contained the Opposites.

An old prophecy stated, were the Opposites ever allowed to
reach the Land, named Aurora, distruction would surly reign. Fire
would pour from the sky, Air would tear at the Earth, Magic would
dissapear, Light would be smothered by Shadow, Love would be canceled
into Hate, and Water would wash it all away.

Upon finding this information to be true, the Leader, Chaos,
brought all the evils and darkness upon the Land of Good. Upon Aurora
rained Hate, evil, the Deadly Sins incarnate -opposites to the
Elemental Warriors. But the incarnations of the Five True Elements,
Earth, Fire, Water, Air, Light, combined and ripped
the tainted Land apart from Aurora and split the worlds. The tainted
Land became Chaos' world, The Underworld. The True Land with Magic
intwined in it's very essence became Avalon and the normal Land became
unnamed and from the tales of the people having hazy recolections of
the incident they called the simple yet fruitful and good land
by one the Elements, Earth.

But not all was saved. Losing strength, the Elemental Warriors
fell to Earth and -to protect themselves- lost all of what they knew
and became semi-mortal; if ever the threat of Chaos came to the good
Land, the Warriors would regain their powers and memories with time.

A few of Chaos' men fell to Earth as well. They nearly
distroyed the Magical land of Avalon and tried to distroy Earth as
well. But a few others had fallen and reclaimed their powers; the
Good Fate and her sister Fair Destiny set it all straight by taking
the powers from the Shadowed Ones and turned them to human form as
punishment for their crimes.

Just as the tales went through history, they were forgotten.
And since no threat had come to the defenceless Land of Earth there
was no reason for the Elemental Warriors to awaken and -without
memories- had children and those children had children and so on.
Yet they kept the ability in their blood for the task, if it ever was
necessary for them to return it would be possible.

Now you wonder why I've told you this -however strange- true
tale. Yes, there is a reason. I will tell you how an Evil slipped
past the watchful eyes of Fate and Destiny and turned the normal Land
of Earth upsidedown and changed the lives of five gifted young people

To be continued...