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CHAPTER ONE: Teenagers, storms and cats--Oh My!

Air. Essential to life. This Element controls storms, wind, and
others. When combined with fire, it can make a spark turn into an
inferno. When combined with Water, it can turn a gentle shower with a
light breeze into a typhoon with gale winds. When combined with Magic
it can do numerous things. It can combined with the others as well.
And with all together, they can do anything.

Water. Without it one would die. When combined with Fire it
can create scalding steam. With Earth it creates mud slides that engluf
anything in it's path. With Light, a rainbow apears. With Magic it
can do many things. And all combined they can do anything.

Now to Their reincarnations. All the Elements seemed to live in
the same town and go to the same school. Air and Water were of course
there. Lets start with these two.

Air, Roseali, was a bright, quiet girl with eyes the color of a
tempest sky and light brown hair that reached the middle of her back.
She was a daydreamer and people that didn't know her could say that
she was a ditz. She had a horrible temper and very protective of
friends. Very loyal and trusting until you betrayed her. It would take
a lot to gain her trust after that.

She already held the Mark; a mark formed at birth to identify
a Chosen of a certain Element. Hers was on her ankle and was a gust of
wind and a cloud. Most thought it to be a tatoo or birthmark and never
wondered that it might be more.

The Chosen of Air always knew she was different; she felt when
a storm would happen a day or more before it did, she heard whispers
on the Wind that seemed to be in an incoherent tonuge yet she felt if
there was to be trouble, she had flashes of events before they would
occur, and more things one would consider strange.

She was best friends with a smart, hyper, happy soul since they
were mere babes. Her friend, Aryna, loved her like a sister as did
Roseali for Aryna. Aryna was the Chosen of Water. She was a bright girl
that always tried to be the best and was very competitive, always
chiper and bright. Hated anything that hurt something or someone. She
was more firey than her friend and was fiercely loyal and trustworthy.

She also knew she was different. She had the Mark as well; a
water drop on her shoulder. Aryna loved the sea and since she lived by
it, she was content. She knew when someone lied and always could
comfort someone and knew when they were out of sorts, and other things

They both when to Aurora Beach High School and were in all the
almost all same classes. They both got A's in nearly every one. Aryna
was an active girl and had volleyball, track and writing class as her
favorites and only different ones from her friend, Roseali.

Roseali was more of an intellectual and musical. She took
chorus, guitar, drama, and piano besides her normal classes.

And now lets meet them...

Roseali bounded out of her chorus class; the last one of the
day. "YES!" she shouted through the halls as she ran to find her best
friend. Sure enough, Ariel skipped out of her creative writing class.
They ran head on into each other.

"*GACK!!!*" they both shouted, rubbing their heads. Roseali
looked up.

"Ryn! It's FRIDAY!" she said happily, hugging the person she
considered her sister. Although, Roseali loved to learn, she loved to
play as well and Friday was her favorite night of the week.

'Ryn' laughed and hugged her back. She felt the same way about
Friday. "What are you doing tonight?" Roseali asked as they turned
toward the door and outside. Roseali and Aryna stopped. A storm was
brewing. The wind was gusty and moist and it wrapped itself around
Roseali and she grinned. You could hear the waves crash, it sounded
like music to both their ears. They both sighed happily. Aryna broke
out of her trance first and nudged Roseali to do the same. Roseali
blinked and reguarded her friend.

"Nothing much. I gotta go to my dancing class tonight, though."
Aryna frowned. She loved to dance but she wished she could have spent
time with Rose.

"Oh, okay." she said, smiling brightly in return, hiding her

"But I've got nothing on my plate for Saturday! Let's go to a
movie or the mall or something!" Roseali brightened at her friend's

"Sure!" Aryna looked blue-green sea-green eyes forward, the
wind playing with her dirty blond hair that was loose at her shoulders
and saw her house. "This is my stop! See you tomorrow, Rosie!" she
shouted over her shoulder and ran up the steps hurriedly.

Roseali smiled her answer and walked on. Her hair that was
normally bound tightly in a long auburn braid that fell down her back
was loose and fell in soft golden brown waves of silk. Her eyes were
as stormy as the sky she gazed up at. Her bangs fell into her eyes. Her
cheeks were as rosy as her name and her lips were full and a soft
red-pink. Her gait slowed and she took in the softly scented stormy
sea-air and sighed happily, her eyes closed, not looking where she
went. Most simply walked around her wondering how she could get such
pleasure from simply being there and walking slowly. One young man did
not notice her as he jogged around a corner and right into her.
Through some reflex he didn't know he had, he caught her around her
waist and held her up.

Roseali was slammed out of a daydream about bumping into a
young man and falling in love. 'More like crashed and falling to the
sidewalk!' she thought briefly before she opened her now bewildered
stormy true blue orbs and saw a young man about her age yet at least
four inches taller. His eyes were a startling forest green that
contrasted with his true sable trim hair. Strong arms held her
mid-section tightly yet like a tender embrace. Stormy blue clashed
with clear jungle green for a moment.

"I'm very sorry miss!" he said. His eyes showed a true apology,
bewilderment and another emotion she couldn't detect.

Her red-pink lips curved prettily, "It's quite alright, I
wasn't looking where I was going but... could I please be let go?" she
asked politly. He blushed and set her down gently. She brushed her
overly long sleeved dark blue shirt off and looked up. She stuck out
her hand. "I'm Roseali, my friends call me Rose." he took her petite
hand in his and was surprised at the strength it held, he smiled.

"I'm Eric, I don't have friends here yet; I just moved here."
he said as he nodded his head slightly. A look of empathy passed
through her eyes and she smiled brighter.

"Call me Rose then." she said, implying he had a friend in her,
"Enchanted to meet your accuantence."

"Enchente, Rose." he spoke the french for 'enchanted' and she
blushed. "Where were you going?" he inquired. She blinked and blushed.

"Oh! Just walking about.. enjoying the weather before it gets
bad." she replied.

"Bad? I heard it was going to blow over us and hit the east
coast." he countered, talking about the east coast of Florida. They
had started walking toward the nearby beach without knowing it. She

"Why no. That idiotic weatherman is always wrong! You definetly
haven't been here long! And somehow I always know about the weather...
it's strange." she mused and blinked back to life. "Besides, I've never
been wrong. Not once!" she looked defient and he chuckled.

"How about a friendly bet?"

She looked bewildered for a second which turned to thought
and to pride, "You're on pal!" she grasped his hand in agreement and
just as they touched a thunder crash boomed, they felt a shock go
between them and she jumped at him. He insinctively caught her and
they embraced. He pet her soft hair and whispered soothing nothings
in her ear. After a moment she backed out like a shot.

Stammering, she was visably shaken, "I-I'm s-s-sorry about
th-that." she gulped. "The thunder startled me. I normally don't mind
it." she said, running a hand through her loose light brown-auburn

He smiled, "That's fine. My sister hates thunder, I'm used to
it." She looked to him.

"I don't hate it, I was just startled. Thunder usually doesn't
bother me." she replied. They sat at a bench before the crashing waves
and the dark thunder clouds.

"I love the wind." she said partly to herself, "It's so
perfect. Silent and invisible yet it can cause great damage. It can
make a sweltering day warm and a cold day freezing." she smiled softly
now, "I wish Ryn didn't have her dance class; she loves the sea." He
apraised her while listening intently to her sweet lilting silvery
voice that was also naturally throaty; having an alto voice, watching
her eyes dance with the silent lightning and her hair played in the
strong breeze.

"Who's Ryn?" he asked. She blinked, in one of her daydreams.

"Oh, she's my best friend. I've known her ever since we were
born. We love each other like sisters. She knows me better than
anyone." she said looking up at the sky, smiling at the lightning and
thunder. Grinning as the wind blew up and tossled her hair countless
times. She put a slender, musically weathered hand out in front of her
and a drop fell into her palm. Followed by another. She showed the hand
in front of him. "I. Win." she smiled brightly, "Told ya! Not once have
I been wrong! Not once!" she pulled underneath her left eye down and
stuck out her tounge. He laughed at the sight of her proper lady front
breaking and being replaced by a funny, sweet breeze of one.

The rain came down harder now. They ran underneath an awning,
typical of Florida buildings, for solace. She rang out her long hair.
"I knew I should have kept it in a braid like always." she muttered to
herself. She snapped her indigo gaze at an especially bright lightning
bolt. "I should get home... my mother will be worried." she said,
looking up at her new compainon. He smiled.

"Where do you live? I'll walk you home." he asked. She smiled.

"It's alright; it's a small town and it's raining. Besides I
live a block away."

"I insist." he grinned mischeiviously, "Besides, such a
exsuisite lady cannot go unescorted." He bowed and held his arm out to
her. She took the hint and courtsied and wrapped her arm around his.
They walked through the rain, both soaked and not caring.

Rose walked in her room, shutting her door behind her. After
her had taken a shower and gotten warmly dressed, she walked onto her
balcony over looking the sea. She breathed in the fresh, moist air and
sighed. She was startled by a soft sound underneath her. Blinking, she
looked down to see a young cat -a bit older than a kitten but not quite
full grown- at her feet, his ebony fur soaked through. The sound came
again from the young cat and he looked up jade green eyes and mewed.
She melted at the sight and picked the cat up.

"Hello little one." she said softly, "Now what are you doing
up here? And soaked through!" Her maternal instinct kicked in and she
took the cat in and lay him on her blue comferter. After grabing a
towel, she picked him up and started rubbing his fuzz-fur dry. His
eyes were shut tightly and afterwards he looked up into her eyes and
promptly sneezed and shook. Laughing, she set him down and she went to
put the towel in the hamper. When she returned, the little older kitten
was curled up, asleep and purring loudly -like a motor boat- on one of
her satin light blue pillows. She put her hands on her hips and
'hmphed', she giggled and yawned.

"Guess I have to share my pillows with you, huh little guy?" he
snuggled deeper into the soft fabric and purred even louder. Chuckling,
she had a thought, "What am I supposed to name you?" as if
understanding her words, his head shot up and he walked and sat in her
lap. While petting him, she thought out loud, "Shadow?" he bowed his
head in disgust. "Bob?" he just cocked his head to the side, as if
saying. 'Now you're just being silly.' She thought a moment and her
eyes brightened, "The lunar eclipse is coming up.." she mused. His
head shot up and he nodded. "So? What? Lunar?" he shook his head.
"Eclipse?" he purred loudly and licked her finger. She smiled softly,
"I'm guessing Eclipse is the name then." he snuggled in her lap and
fell into sleep. She thought a moment, "I guess I have a cat now." She
looked down and saw a marking on his back that looked like a leaf. *I
wonder you wanted the name; you've got a different mark.* she yawned
and picked the little one gently and set him on the pillow he had liked
earlier at the foot of her bed and she got underneath her covers and
turned out her light. She couldn't help but wonder how strange her day
had been and why.


Rose threw her alarm clock on the floor.


She cursed when she reilized it was the phone and not her clock
and promptly put her pillow over her head, muttering something about
how it was too early to breath.

*RING* A few seconds went by. *BEEP* The answering machine

'Hi! This is Roseali! I can't come to the phone right now so
if ya leave a message after the beep I'l call you when I can! Ciao!'

An irate voice yelled, "Rosie! Get your lazy butt but and
answer the phone! I know you are laying there with your pillow over
your head so just answer the phone!" Rose's eyed widened and she picked
up the phone clumsily.

"You know me too well." Rose said sleepily. The voice cheered.

"GOOD!" Rose took the phone from her ear and winced.

"You tryin' to deafen me or somethin'?" The voice chuckled.

"Listen, I'll be there in a half hour. You be ready or I'm
gonna pull you in the car while you're putting on your make-up!"
Rose's eyes widened.

"You know I can't make it in a half hour!"

"Tough! Bye!" she hung up. Rose screeched and ran toward her
closet to hurry.

Fourty-five minutes later and a lot of rushing Roseali stood
tapping her foot and scowling at the silver jeep that just pulled up.

"Ryn! You said a half hour!!" she yelled at her friend. Ryn
popped her head up and scowled.

"I had to get gas!" she replied. Rose got in.

"Yeah and flirt with a slushie guy." she said under her breath.
Ryn promptly smacked her arm.

"I did not!" she protested. Rose turned on the radio and a mew
came from the pocket of her jacket.

"You didn't." she said softly to her pocket. Ryn raised an

"Talking to your coat now?" Rose frowned and reached into her

"No. Just talking to a cat that followed me here via my
jacket." she held the larger-than-a-kitten-smaller-than-a-cat black
fluff. Ryn melted.

"She's adorable!" she cooed. Rose smiled.

"That HE is. Keep your eyes on the road." she said offhandedly.

"Sooo? I had dance class, what did you do?" Ryn asked. Rose

"I walked home in the rain." she said softly. Ryn raised an

"Alone? Again?" Rose blushed and said, so soft it was a wonder
Ryn heard it.

"No. I met a guy." Ryn's eyes went as wide as dinner plates.

"YOU MET A GUY?!? You?? Rose?! 'I'll never date and become a
nun' girl?!" Rose gasped.

"I resent that! And he was the nicest guy I ever met! He's the
only guy in this crummy town that I'd even look twice at!" she yelled
back. The cat looked up and seemed to smile.

Before Ryn could counter a screech in front of them snapped
both out of their conversation by a loud beep. Ryn's eyes flared.

"Watch where your goin' pal!" she yelled out the window. He
stuck his head out of his door.

"Learn how to drive lady!" he yelled and sped off. Ryn grumbled
and they drove on to the mall.

To be continued...

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