In the arms of angels

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Ice Crystal: Blue hair, wings, female angel

Lucien: Half lust deamon (thank Grey for this one)

Gray (whish should be spelled Grey but I don't care so there!!!!!!): Based on Grey Wolf, just go to our site or read her fanfictions.

Guy sitting in the dark: You'll hear about him later (used to be real hansom but because of little buggy air demons he has more scars than even Spawn)

Zacc: See guy sitting in the dark

Father: Turns into pile o ashes

Mother: She's dead so who cares?

Lucien's family: The mob (real family abandoned him)

Gray's family: Mother is the queen of the demons, father who cares? Sibs, her mother probably ate them all.

Anybody else? No? Good.


The sky was a deep russet. Reminding her of blood as she looked across and down at the sprawling city, still asleep.

They were the innocents to be protected. They lived their small sheltered lives, filled with petty grievances. Not knowing how many died to save their useless lives.

She had lived in that world; she had been part… "Its time"

"Why? Why should we protect them? They'd slaughter us if they thought they could gain from it…"

"You can't say that child! You don't know…"

"But I do, I was one of them, I know them, their minds are cold, empty, soulless. You can't imagine.

They'd leave you bleeding by the side of the road! They'd flay the last shred of humanity, of self-control of you until only pain is left."

"Why are you so bitter?"

"How can I not be bitter?"

She stood there thinking of all she'd lost …how many more will I loose?

They betrayed you. A small voice in the back of her head whispers.


"Fine! You don't have to go this time, with those emotions you'll be of no use anyway" he climbs up on the rail and for a moment he just stood there.

She waited for the sharp intake of breath followed by the beating of powerful wings, the only sound of his departure.

How strong he is not to cry out at the pain.

She knew that pain all to well, another 'gift' from the humans.

She runs to the rail and gazes after him "Wait! Father wait!" but he does not hear her, he is lost among the sea of others hungry for battle.

"Waytago Ice" she mumbles to herself " he'll be of little use either if he's angry " she goes back inside and closes the door to the balcony "well since its night I might as well sleep" don't fool yourself, the little voice says, you're gonna stay up all night worrying about him.

Sometimes, even when it spoke truth she wondered if the little voice was truly hers and not some demon. We all have our demons, said the little voice."You're going crazy Ice, go to bed"


It wasn't the knocking that woke her. It was something else, something dark. But thankful for an excuse, she told herself "the knocking woke me"

The little voice seemed happy, by that alone she knew something was wrong.

She opened the door only to find no one there.

Something was glinting in the suns first rays, a small metal cross on a pile of dust "FATHER!"

She fell to her knees sobbing, trying to pick up the dust. In vain."No, no, no…."


She felt the heat rise in her face

. Her father was barely four days dead and already they were beginning. She heard the whispers [infact, she thought, I am meant to hear] "half-breed" "unclean" impure"

She had always thought it ironic that these beings sworn to protect humans against demons, would have such avid demons of their own. Eversince she was a child, ever since the human children had realized she was different and refused to play with her.

. All through school she had been ill treated and lonely [not even the teachers had wanted anything to do with her] she'd had only her mother to talk to.

Till her mother died.

She remembered that day well, the day she learnt the secret of her blood and that her father was still alive. For a while she had been happy, but now she was alone.

There was a sudden pain in her left shoulder; someone had thrown her with a rotten egg. She

knew who it was. With uncanny certainty she knew…

Zacc, when she had had no one but a father, a virual stranger, he had befriended her. In a way he was her teacher. From him she had learned all she knew of hurt and betrayal.

His anger was a palpable thing, fed by the flames of his discontent and stoked by his desire. She was almost moved to pity for him but stopped herself just in time. It would not do to feel for one such as he, a malingerer on the edge of life who would never change nor bend his will, like all self righteous men he seeked to destroy that which he did not understand She had often thought the reason they hated her was because she was stronger than they were. But then she'd remember her father telling her "hate needs no reason" ad that to the lessons she had herself learnt – lessons paid for in sweat and blood and tears – and you had the makings of her soul, a soul. What is this mithical thing? and of what use was it? How could so many bleed and suffer to keep pure their immortal soul, while others cared not one wit? If the crazed and the wicked had a soul then WHY could the trees and animals not share this glory, the only immortality a living thing can ever know? The narrow-minded would tell her that this was the way God ordained it; these words however only fueled her rage.

In their narrow-mindedness they believed they understood the unfathomable and in the face of this, their own benevolence, became pompous beyond bearing, secure in thinking that their knowledge was as a golden chalice when in fact it was a whore's crown of gilded paste. The worst of it was not that they sold their twisted visions or half-truths, but that the masses ate it up – angel, human and demon alike. Indeed, they seemed to crave it, this tabloid bible, like a body that cannot endure the world unless pumped full of fatal drugs.

She heard the muffled laughter behind her and quickened her pace, to many memories were associated with that sound. She remembered with shame how naïve she'd been, how easily betrayed…"you're a joke little girl, now run home screaming"

Without thinking she let the wings sprout. Let the almost unbearable pain fill her lungs …she didn't cry out in pain, she just flew. Flying was her only peace [another irony since her greatest pleasure came from her greatest pain] below her the other angels were gasping, calling and waving her back down, but she was free now. She turned in the direction of the sea, their warnings already forgotten.


She'd been flying quite a while she was tired and teary-eyed. [Whether from wind or heartache she wasn't sure]

She felt a biting pain in her side. Just another egg she thought, before lapsing into unconsciousness.


She opened her eyes to find the world a blurry mess. She tried to move, " Whoa there cowgirl! You're not nearly strong enough" a sweet male voice said as a hand pushed her back down.

"Who are you?"

" Lucien " He said, as though by his name alone she would know all there is to know about him.

"Why did you call me cowgirl?"

"Because I found you face down in a field with a bullet in your back." He said suddenly serious " but enough questions, sleep"




In the dark a man sat alone… no, not alone exactly for there were strange beings adrift around his head. They seemed to float in and out of reality, yet instead of becoming tangible they became even less real [if such a thing were possible]. These were the whispers that turned brother against brother, made docile men murder and weak men rape.

One curled itself round the man's arm, its cold flesh [for want of a better word] burning long gashes in the mass of scars almost unrecognizable as human skin.

"Did you kill her, my pet? "His very voice sounded like the soul being torn from a newborn child.

The whisper made some reply.

"WHAT!!" the man threw the creature across the room "making a farmer shoot at her is not good enough! GO, finish her!"

When they had left he allowed himself to breathe. He could never let them know his fear; if they knew they'd kill him… he shuddered … nothing could ever make such a death worthwhile. That was the reason she had to die



"Oops! Sorry dear "

This time it was a female voice [possibly belonging to the person poking her wound] she opens her eyes to find a girl with jaw length hair staring at her with interest

"I can't heal you"

[The girls words take a while to register]

"What? "

"There's some kind of spirit inside you, as long as its there you won't heal"

"Gray, you can depress the poor girl later, she needs rest" Lucien hands her a cup

[Which she drops when gray stands up]

"You have a tail!"

"So? You have wings "

"How did you…"

"Questions later, she needs rest"

"Aww Lu she won't be able to sleep till she gets some answers, right dear?"



It was almost midnight and still she could not sleep. She kept turning what they had said over in her mind. Demons are the personification of human emotion…fear…hate…anger…the only way to fight them was love … but because of her. NO! The angels themselves were to blame…they become more human every day …they make the demons stronger …there's not enough love in the world…. These are a truth that men have died to conceal, this insignificant likeness between three forms of flesh, but are demons only emotion …or something…else? [With this thought she drifted off to sleep]


Lucien sat watching as she slept, he got up and went over to the bed, and silently kneeling he took her hand in both of his and gave her a gentle kiss.

"What did you do that for?"

"I can't help it, Honey .I'm part lust demon"

He saw the look of confusion on her face and felt compelled to explain."My father raped my mother, she discovered she was pregnant and couldn't wait to get rid of me. A garbageman found a newborn in a trashcan and took him to the nearest orphanage "

For the first time she was scared of him as he sat there shaking with rage.

"She hadn't even bothered to wash the blood of me," he said in a whisper she wanted to say something to make it better, to ease his hurt, but she could think of nothing. Presently he got up and left.

It took a long time before she could get up, her wound had healed [why had Gray said it wouldn't?] but it had taken almost a year… she still couldn't believe it, a year. A year since her father died, a year since Lucien left, a year…not all bad though. She and Gray had become fast friends and she had learnt a lot, laying in bed, about patience. It was not her nature to wait for anything, but wait she did. She waited for her heart to heal, for forgiveness…for someone to come drag her, kicking and screaming out of there… sometimes she waited for death, but mostly she waited for Lucien to come back …a year…

When she saw him again he was as she remembered him … but distant, as though his confession had never happened, maybe it had been only a dream, maybe he'd forgotten, "a year's a long time, ice " she mumbled to her self…

But as he looked out a window she saw different, there was no mistaking that look, and she had seen it often in the faces of wounded animals. Her heart went out to him. He's trying to be brave for all of us…

"The worlds a scary place when you're alone" it was Gray's voice from behind, for a moment she thought Gray was talking to her, but then she realized that from were they were standing neither of the others could see her. O, no I'm intruding on a private conversation, just great! But there was no way for her to leave without them noticing.

"Penny for your thoughts Lucien?"

He said nothing. Just growled in his throat.

"I know that look Lucien, don't even think about making her your latest conquest, she's not your type. Besides, she wants help not children"

He turned on her and for a second ice thought he was going to attack Gray…instead he just ran his hands trough his hair in frustration "it's more than that! I don't just want to bed her, I want to care for her, protect her…" he made as though holding a baby and for a moment she felt she couldn't breathe.

"There's more Grey" he seamed unsure of himself " I went searching for the oracle, that's why I've been gone so long"

"And what did the oracle say?"

"Nothing there is no oracle its, just another lie… but there is something"


" A demon tried to kill me" he lifts his shirt to bare a long burn wound



"O! Lucian I'm sorry!"

"Don't be, before I knew the truth he was a father to me … but after… he knew the truth too, Grey! Yet he refused to acknowledge it as such. He made his choice and I made mine…There was nothing I could do…"

For a moment she thought he would cry, he takes a deep breath.

" Before he died he told me not to let Pandora open the box "

"Yes, but what does it mean?"

"I don't know, but I think it's a reference to ice crystal…"

"Then she's the one…"

Now was her chance "the one what?" she said trying to sound lighthearted and unaware of what Lucien had said.

Lucien and Grey exchange speaking glances.

"Let's go show her the origin Grey" he took them both by the arm to lead them to the door. But she held back "where is this origin?"

"Not far honey"


"Ireland" said Gray, happy to get a word in [she'd never thought she'd see the day when Lucien went all mushy, but she was seeing it now and it was scary] She hoped he knew what he was doing .in her experience demons new little of love

It was dark. Then Lucien lit a match and suddenly it was very light, the walls were glossy and an underground lake stretched before them, so deep and so clear one could see right to the bottom, it felt as if there was no lake, only air. " This whole mountain is made of crystal. From the top to the deepest cave, so that even the smallest flame is reflected a thousand times over " he was talking in hushed tones, she wondered what made this place so special…

Before she could finish thinking the question Gray answered it "they say this is the cradle of the universe, life as we know it crawled out of this lake …here God breathed life into Adam…come, see these rockpaintings, we haven't been able to figure them out but maybe you could?

They sat for hours trying to piece together the cave art "its like a giant puzzle, all we need is a starting point …but were? These pictures are the creation, and these are 3 beings, 1 angel, 1 human, and 1 demon… I'm sure of it … but this picture just above them, I can't quite make it out … its like a whole bunch of pictures on top of each other…"

"They did that sometimes" She jumped when she heard his voice directly behind her

" Quit lurching around, it's giving me the creeps! "

" Sorry " he whispered right by her ear; it was like a caress. He wrapped his arms around her all the while placing gentle butterfly kisses on the back of her neck.

There was pain, she clung to Lucien, and her breath coming in short gasps

" What's wrong?! Honey, PLEASE! Tell me what's wrong!" He sounded so caring, anxious, he picked her up and hugged her as though trying to make the pain stop trough sheer force of will. She wanted to answer him, to tell him… but she couldn't, something had a grip on her heart and was slowly sqeezing, cutting the strings to her heart, taring at her soul, a spasm ripped through her and then ceased … " I'm better now "

"What happened? What was that?" he still held her, afraid that if he let her go she'd die, or run away.

" It's her demon, it was quiet all year, but since you came back its been trying to kill her. I think for a while it forgot its purpose, content just to live in her. But now…"

"Kill it Gray! Save her!"

"You can't kill something if it's dead already, Lucien. We'll have to find another way "

The pain ripped through her again, but this time it subsided quickly. Leaving only a roaring, like the sea, in her ears…


In the dark a man sat waiting, he had the look of a man who knows he'll die if he doesn't do something but is powerless.

A servant returns

"Well?" he demands

The creature replies

"CAN'T YOU DO ANYTHING?! She's a simple girl, not even very strong…AND YET YOU CAN'T EVEN KILL HER!!!"

The creature grovels …the man picks it ups and rips it apart, its burning blood scarring even more of his flesh.

He doesn't bother to wipe it away, that would be a sign of weakness.

He sits down again.

[After a while]

" Bring her to me …can you do that? "

The shade of the newly dead creature nods and disappears

In the dark sits a man waiting, alone … but not alone. In the dark…


She found him sitting on the sidewalk, she found him and yet not him at all …she'd known him as long as anyone, in truth she knew him better than anyone too, but even she couldn't fathom his deepest thoughts .She sat down next to him .for along time they just sat, till she got tired of waiting for him to tell all, and sought to read his thoughts, immediately she regretted it as his strength of will came up like a wall in front of her.

"She's gone Gray" he whispered not looking at her, there was such profound sorrow in his expression that for a moment she wished…

"She's gone and she's never coming back" he seemed to choke on these words

"Are you sure?"

"She's gone I say " she thought if she listened close enough she'd hear his heart break "I scared her away with my love and now she's lost "

"Stop torturing yourself with this nonsense, you know as well as I that she was probably taken by the same person who commands that demon inside her"

He struggled with the idea that Ice had not betrayed him desperate to believe her, like a drowning man clutching at a last hope for survival, this feeble branch, that is trust in the inherent goodness of mankind. She almost laughed at such irony, that he saut his solace in the very thing his ladylove refused to believe in.

But she did not laugh, she could not -for all that she was demon- be so cruel.

"We'll bring her back… Lucien? You'll see, we'll bring her back, but you must be strong and clearminded else we might not be able to find her."

"Yes" like a dog he shook himself to rid him of his melancholy.

For the first time she saw the deeper truth "What have we become? We mankind who swore to protect God's creation? We fight among ourselves, like dogs all of us base and carnal and hungry under our glossy coats and…"

"Mankind, you say" he mused " you forget we are not human"

"I've been thinking on that, remember the cave paintings?"

But he would not listen.

As with the truth he had learnt so long ago. This would need time to sink in, he needed time to analyze, to rant, to rave, to tear asunder all he knew and then time to painstakingly put it back together again, only then could he except and allow this new knowledge to transform his being.

"I fear you need time we haven't got" She didn't know she had spoken till he replied.

"Then you truly think she was taken?" he wasn't skeptical he merely sought affirmation.

"Yes, and why not? She wouldn't have left, she has nowhere to go"


In the dark a man sits, not alone. His gaze intent …

In the middle of the floor in front of him lies a being seemingly covered in spiderwebs spun from light, her heart does not beat and to all appearances she is dead.

"You did well my pet "

The man appears to be speaking to the room in general and if any creature heeds his words there is no sign of it. A flicker of excspression travels across his face quickly concealed behind a mask of indifference.

" Sleep for now dear girl" the endearment comes out as a snear. He stands in front of the 'corpse' about to touch her "Yes, dream as your life passes. You cant hurt me now, you're caught in my web " with an effort he drops his scarred hand to his side "You wont be opening any boxes unless their in your



She dreams…

From nothing the universe is lovingly created, from feeling and colour a fabric so fine that it lives is spun…

The first cry of this monstrous newborn is so pearcing that it reverberates through everything …

In her dream she does not doubt when this first cry stops, the universe will end…

On earth transformations that take millennia seem to pass in the blink of an eye…

Dust swirls, and comes to rest in the shape of a man. Oh so tenderly he is made to breathe, to live…

Man sleeps as the miracle of life is worked on his rib bone…

In sleepy horror she watches as these guiless beings are corrupted by a single hisssss…

In silence they fall…

Over eons her dream stretches, each passing second a stab at her heart, while generation after generation pay for the crimes of their forefathers …

As Babylon rises, she knows only despair, form, colour, belief, language create a divide to large to gap and people to unwilling to try …

In Noah she finds a kindred spirit even though no words pas between them…

Her tears mingle with the rain…

She watches as a thousand and more lifecycles pass in an instant, from birth to death each one new and unmistakably different from all others, but in the maelstrom of time they are all melded –forged into an indestructible whole, a lesson to be learnt by heart…

Abraham, Isaac, Jacob … every moment is revealed to her…

In awe she watches Christ unite mankind in a single act…

She joins the disciples in mourning His death…

She sees His words fall on deaf ears and twisted beyond recognition by greed…

Scores of people try and fail, with only her learning from their mistakes…

She dreams…


"So, is it Christmas already or do you want something? "

He had known it wouldn't be easy, though now he was starting to regret coming at all. He looked them all over, his brothers, sisters and the numerous other relatives that shared the small apartment. They're the Mafia of the slums, he thought, complete with all the foul dealings and none of the Sa wa fare to cover their rotted souls.

" Now is that any way to treat your family?"

Too late he remembered that his father could read minds, or is it smell fear? A ringing slap fell on his left ear.

" You're not to old for a hiding young man!"

" Hello Mother "


In the dark a man wipes his eyes, in frustration he beats his fist against the sleeping girls face. Shining spiderlike webs make his flesh sizzle but he heeds it not. The blow has no effect and only serves to feed his anger.

" You're no different, you know that? Even though the universe conspired to make you my enemy, every one feels the same. I see you try to hide it in your dreams, your self inflicted sleep … that is what you're doing, isn't it? Your face condemns you" he lays his cheek against her cheek, flesh sizzles

He touches a hand to the new burnmark on his once beautiful face.

" Ice Crystal " he muses "Ah yes, your father named you well …as cold as ice and even less inviting "

"Do yourself a favour, stay frozen "

The air crackles and whispers with less -than-real lifeforms. He stalks back to his chair, to wait.


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