"Charles' Joke" had to include these things. 
1. A food recipe detailed enough to allow the reader to make it.
"a mug of steaming water and a tea-bag"
2. A line from Shakespeare, spoken in normal conversation by a character.
"the secrets of his overcharged soul"
3. An explanation for the Bermuda Triangle.
"A Place to Conquer Fear."
4. A mathematical equation.
"Two sisters means you only have to come half the time, right?"
5. A sports result.
"the Cowboys were ahead by a field goal"
6. The meaning of life.
"to enjoy it until the end"
7. The title of a Beatles song.
8. A reference to Laurel and Hardy.
"Laurel and Hardy magazine"
9. A historical battle, identifying the result.
"withdrawal from Vietnam"
10. A riddle.

The dead baby joke.