Pretentious Idiots

Look at that girl across from me
with her stupid shades
and her facial canvas for boredom
with music blasting into each ear
and it is so loud
I can actually hear it from 2 metres away.

Like I want to hear your stupid music!

Look at that boy whom I used to correspond with;
his freaking 10 subjects do not impress me
and I really couldn't care less if
he felt "inferior" after reading my work.
His usage of "big" words, like "amiable",
does nothing to raise my opinion of him.

Like I care that you're such a geek!

Look at that girl inside of me
just look at her scribbling away
in her little notebook,
writing her dumb excuses for poetry.
And she wants to be a published poet?

Excuse me while I laugh!