DISCLAIMER: Hang on a minute, I don't need this! This officially belongs to me! MEEEEEEEE!
Ahem! But I digress.... this is a little something I cooked up when I was meant to be revising for my English exam. It only took me ten minutes, so it's not my best work. Email me if you understand what it's about. Also - a bit of shameless self-promotion here - please check out my other works, I assure you; they're much better than this. Thanx.
Random comment/advice of the day: Never eat yellow snow - it's bad for you.


Softly, softly, hold me fast,
Whisper songs of times long past.
Brush the surface, touch the mind,
Search the living fold to find
Tales of spirit, soul and shade,
Fables tongues of old have made.
Naiad, seraph, wraith and mage,
Gently steal from age to age.
Colour words and shelter dreams,
Images and broken screams.
Blades of beauty, souls aflame,
Hooves of silver, those who came
Burn their stories to the core,
Yearn for end, yet ask for more.
Twist the voices, hear them cry,
"Dragon", "questing", "do" and "die".
Softly, softly, hold me fast,
Whisper songs of epochs past.