I burn

fashion gradually changing

into passionate ashes

where is the life

that by your promise

should run through these veins

now charred an unplacated

thirsting for blood and water

to fill what now collapse

in desolation and death

I burn

dying for something

that is not saving me

here in this realm where

I cannot recognize my flesh as my own

these singed remnants of what was

until so very recently

a righteous and prosperous storehouse

of living beauty

that now decays and shrinks and dies

and I lie here squirming

in my pain

I burn

and in these final moments

finally I realize the truth of existence

that I have been blind to

that I who was perfect

am made imperfect in death

skin that was flawless

now lies here broken in the sand

I burn

and as I burn I die

and as I die I learn to let go

of who I was

no longer the perfection

of uncharred flesh and generous eyes

no longer the holiness of life

I burn

and in the desolation of searing death

I learn to let go

I learn the beauty of living

and as I learn the passion

and the beauty of life

I die