In the beginning, there was nothingness... and unto this void came a force... it was neither good nor evil.

This force took shape and became a cloud, and it looked out into the void, and it saw emptiness... loneliness.. and it grew lonely.

And then, one day it came to a decision;

"I shall fill this void with life, so that I may not be lonely any longer!"

It shouted out into the void, proclaiming;

"From this time on, this void will be filled with life!"

With that spoken, it went about forming the basics of its creation, and an idea came to it.

It then started to expand wider, and wider still, slowly filling the void with its essence. It expanded for an unfathomable amount of time.. and then it stopped.

Within its form particles of matter started to collect. They collided and formed new, larger pieces of matter.. and this continued...

... until with a sudden burst of energy and heat.. a star was born... and then another.. and another.

With speed that could never be calculated an explosion of lights burst forth as millions.. billions.. trillions of stars came into being.. and they gave rise to galaxies.

Clusters of galaxies formed.. and then super clusters.. and all around the new-born stars, dust clouds started to form. As time passed these clouds slowly collected into rocks.. and these rocks formed into proto-planets.. and from these proto-planets.. came fully formed worlds.

As the creator "looked" on to its creation it became worried. It saw that the massive size of its creation would be a problem for those would rise from the worlds.

"It will make things difficult for them, as they would have to transverse such great distances to meet others..."

It said, knowing that not every world that was seeded would bear life. It thought long and it thought hard, and all the while, the planets and galaxies stood still, as if awaiting the choice.

"I shall break this up.. and form trillions of Realms.. and each shall be like those before it."

It stated, but it knew that even if they all started out the same, in the end they would be different, as that is the nature of time and evolution. With that conclusion made, a wave of energy rushed throughout all of existence, and every so often it would split apart, forming a massive web of self contained spaces, and these became known as Realm Barriers.

With this done, the force could now seed the worlds of the Multi-Verse, and watch them bear life. Suddenly large chunks of rock formed within all the Realms, and they were sent off into the darkness of space, carrying with them the building blocks of life itself... searching out worlds that may be able to sustain the life which they could create.

All over the Multi-Verse, many worlds started to flourish... atmospheres formed, liquid oceans of water, frozen worlds with warm spots, diverse worlds of every size awaited the rocks...

... they didn't need to wait very long.

And so they came, they streaked through atmospheres, some breaking apart, while others surviving. They flew past the clouds and struck the oceans and the land masses of various worlds, completing their mission of transporting and safe-guarding their precious cargo.

And if the force had a face.. it would of smiled upon the worlds, for it knew that this was the beginning of greatness.