The Mayor

I am the mayor.
I am sitting in a chair,
Very aware
Of the elephant over there.

I am paring pears.
The elephant turns and stares.
"Paring pears?"
He asks me, the mayor.

I reply: "Being over there?"
The elephant pats his hair
And walks to my chair.
"I'm only here to know if you've seen a bear."

"I do not think I've seen a bear,
You elephant who was over there."
"He's a bare bear-with no hair."
"Still 'no'…and you last saw him where?"

"Well, I was with him at the fair,
When all of a sudden, he was nowhere;
Disappeared into thin air!"
"Wait…a bare bear? Why should I care?"

"Aren't you the mayor?!?
Shouldn't you care?!?"
He sits on my chair.
I was the mayor.