How can it be this way?
They say
The night is bright
With the songs of day
You say
But very true
And yet, you
Don't seem to understand
A shame you were different
Than you might have friends
Those to stay through joy and strife
Who stand beside you throughout life
A pity,
It be
That you have none to watch over thee;
But perhaps it's better,
You see . . .
You might say,
That that's the only way,
Though you don't understand me.
And yet, your fears
Draw still more near,
Allowing your frights
To rove through the night-
While shadows stretch,
Perchance to fetch
The remnants of
What was above!
Shadow's child,
Creature of Day,
Your path darkened
By the fray-
It a pity be
That you can't see,
That you don't understand me
Or our harmony . . .
Truly, my friend,
Von mein Kameraden,
You one day wills ee
What truly is me! . . .