The Creation, Remixed
by one ClockworkPilot

I was suppose to write a folk tale in Honors English...and this is what happened.
Again, it's not my fault! Warning, blood, vague sexual referances, and sibiling rivaly ahead.
I plan to write more on what happens after this part and I'll try to post it soon.
WARNING: No orginal character names!

A great deal after the beginning, a great race of giants began to die. A plague of unknown origin consumed them, bloating the gut, inflaming the skin, rotting the body from the inside. Only their all-father and king, Jehovah was not touched by the sickness, for he was immortal and could only be slain by his own hand. The Giant King watched the last of his sons' fade away and finally the daughter he had taken for his wife and Queen. Gaia was empty and barren, for he had forged the world to serve the needs of his children. No rain fell, no fruit grew, and the animals of the world slowly perished with no one to tend them and no food to feed them. After many years of weeping, Jehovah left Gaia.
He traveled across the stars in search of life and companionship. After a hundred years of fruitless searching, and he rested to think.
"I could make another world, as I did before, and spill my blood on the dirt and dust to create life within it..."He paused in thought," but all I create is doomed to die, and I cannot again bear the pain of that loss."
And he thought of his lost children, and began to weep once more from sorrow and loneliness. As he wept, he reached a decision. With one mighty thrust his hand broke through his skin and ribcage, freeing his agonized heart.
As he lay dieing, suspended in space, his blood began to encircle his body. His tears thickened to a steady stream, rolling down his arms and torso, mingling with his blood. Bit by bit, he began to fall apart. His skin loosened from his muscle and bone, sliding off effortlessly. His eyes burst apart, the white flesh flying in all directions like shrapnel. His muscles melted, his brain disintegrated, all tissue and tendon dissolved. All that remained of the Giant King was a swirling thick liquid mess of blood, semen, bile and tears. Slowly, the mess began to take the form of a planet.
A tiny spark of Jehovah's memory remained, and he was called Nova. Nova remembered the joy that Jehovah's children had brought him, and had forgotten the pain of loss and the knowledge of death. He did not know where the power to create came from, but he knew he could nonetheless. He called forth the dust of meteors to cover the newly formed planet. As the dust settled and mixed with the blood, life in the memory of the giant children, only adjusted to suit the size of the planet, rose forth. Jehovah's tears separated from blood and dirt and bile, and the waters and rivers were formed. The bile became the earth, and the semen became plant life and trees.
Nova looked upon what he had created, and felt pride. He looked into his memory for what to do next, and was at a loss. He looked deeper and found the memory of his first children, before the giants, who were beautiful and proud to serve him. He remembered crafting each from his own skin and blood, unlike the giants. He looked and looked to find more, but found nothing else. And thus Nova created in the likeness of his memory, using the one-tenth of the bodies of the humans, for he was a spirit, with no blood or skin of his own. When they were complete, three of them stood tall. He created them beautifully, with white wings like birds from their backs. He cloaked each in white robes, and named them Thorne, Baal, and Asteroth. As they stood assembled before him, he spoke unto them, saying," You will go to the earth, the Terra, and gain knowledge of the world. Yea, you will gain knowledge of all the workings of the world, and bring this knowledge back to me. Once you have brought me all I need to know, the world will truly be under my control."
And thus each divided and descended upon Terra. Baal watched the waves raging in the ocean. Intrigued, he watched every river, every raindrop until he gained full understanding of water. His eyes glowed clear and blue from the knowledge and he quickly returned to Nova.
Each stood before him again, and he spoke unto Throne, saying," My beautiful daughter, what have you found?"
Thorne steeped forth, her head low," Please forgive me, but I failed to find knowledge."
"And you, my morning star, what have you found?"
Asteroth bowed slowly," Most glorious father, I was made no more progress then Thorne. I promise to find knowledge for you soon."
"Baal, my first crafted, did you find anything?"
Baal's voice was full of pride as he spoke, "My lord, I am the first among us to bring you knowledge. I give you knowledge of the cycle of water to mist to rain to water again"
"Step forth, my shining son, so I may receive it"
He went before Nova, and Nova placed his hand upon Baal's face. Thorne and Asteroth stood side by side, watching on with envy.
"Why could we not find knowledge, brother? Are we not of the same form and structure as Baal? Is our love and devotion to our father not the same measure as his?"
"Perhaps...we are of lesser form than he is. Perhaps Nova put more effort into his creation than yours or mine."
"Then we will just have to make twice the effort as before..."
When Nova removed his hand Baal went to join his siblings, his eyes were once again shining and white with ignorance.
And with each day, Nova charged them to continue to bring him knowledge. And with each day, Baal brought knowledge of something new, of fire, of wind, and his eyes glowed from the power and understanding of each. Again and again Thorne and Asteroth returned empty-handed, and their eyes were tainted a sickly green and red glow.
"Today, today I will find knowledge! I will find it even if I must continue looking after Nova calls us back..." Throne whispered as she watched Baal and Asteroth descend, "I will make Nova proud! I will find knowledge more valuable than all Baal has found put together!"
She was unaware that Asteroth had had made the same pact in his mind as he left for Terra.
And thus they went out into the world and began to search in three opposing directions. Asteroth skimmed over the skies, over the mountains and trees until he arrived at a small settlement of humans. He saw they them in a large circle, shouting and pushing against each other. In the middle of the circle, two humans were shoving each other and rolling around on the ground. As he landed next to the two, they broke away from each other and stood in awe at the bizarre creature before them.
"What are you doing?" He asked as he ran his eyes over the two.
"What do you mean, what are we doing?"
"Don't be stupid and just answer it!"
"We...we were fighting"
His eyes flickered with interest," Continue..." After to an hour, the victor rose triumph, his hands wet with blood and sweat. The victim was struggling to breathe, his face black and broken with bruises and pain. Asteroth went to him, watching intently. In a few more minutes, the man died. He watched as they carried his body away, and his relatives began to dig a hole. After the burial, he came into realization of death. He took the people of the settlement and slew each with his hands. As each struggled briefly and went lifeless, his understanding grew. By the time the last human in the settlement drew his last breath, his knowledge was complete. His eyes were black like dusk, like decay.
Thorne delved deep within a thick forest as she searched. She padded silently through the dark undergrowth until she saw two humans making love in the tall grass. [For the sake of keeping all school related projects and assignments school-appropriate, the following paragraph has been shortened and edited] She saw various things happen, and gained understanding of lust and desire.
Each was called back by Nova as the sun began to set. They stood assembled before him, and he spoke unto Baal, saying, "My son, what have you found for me today?"
Baal went before him, but his eyes were empty and white as when he was first crafted," I believe that you have learned all you could possibly know, for I was unable to find anything today."
"This may be true, but let us see if you brother or sister has found anything. Thorne?"
"Oh, Father, this day is great for what Baal says is true. I have found nothing you did not already know." She cried, her eyes burning red and orange like fire.
Asteroth grinned knowingly," Your knowledge and understanding of the world is complete, and you hold absolute domination over Terra and mankind."
But Baal looked upon them, and seeing the power in their eyes, and knew the truth. He went before them, saying," I see knowledge in your eyes. Why did you lie to our lord and father? Why do you hide your power from him?"
Thorne and Asteroth both feel silent, fists clenched. As Baal turned to tell Nova of their deceit, they fell upon him and slew him. Thrones right hand was stained with Baal's blood, and Asteroth's left.
Nova, wacthing this, knew the truth and rose up against his children, to burn them with fire, to drown them with water, to ravage them with wind. They fled in terror to Terra. Nova burned the forests and flooded the earth seeking them out, but to no avail. After Nova gave up his search, Thorne and Asteroth came out of hiding and went to the settlements and villages of the humans, saying;
"Your houses have been burned, your crops destroyed by fire, your kinsmen drowned and carried off by floods. You have suffered much and had little to sustain yourselves with. A being named Nova resides above this world, who holds hatred and malice for man. It is he who smites you with his powers. We, who were once his servants, saw his cruelty and left him to protect you. Pay homage to us and you will never feel the pain of loss again."
And thus they became The Bloody-Handed Gods, Asteroth The God of Death and Decay, Throne the Goddess of Lust and Carnal Knowledge.

Knowledge Shared is Power Lost