The Creation, Remixed (Chapter Two)
Things Really Get Rolling or "Thorne and Asteroth get Their Shit Together"
By one ClockworkPilot

WARNING: Incomplete (for now) and still no original names. Possibly more vague sexual references.

And thus the whole populace of humans on Terra bowed before their new self-appointed gods and guardians. A singe massive, elaborate temple was built in honor of both Thorne and Asteroth in every village, town, and city. Each appointed a head priest or priestess to rule over each settlement. Those chosen to rule by the Divine Guardians (as the majority of men came to call them) became known as the Jorla, which means "favored by the gods."
They had escaped the wrath of Nova, but they could not escape the guilt of their sin against their brother Baal. The blood that coated their hands after they slew him left a red stain that would not be removed by water or lye or any other chemical they could find. Although plagued by this, they went to the masses of the people, saying unto them:
"This mark on our hands is the residue of the blood of our brother, who was also a servant of Nova. Unlike us, he favored the destruction of mankind. When he went our to help destroy man we fought with him to stop his cruelty. We fought with him long and hard and sustained many wounds and bruises to our bodies, but in the end we slew him to protect your kind."
And thus they achieve the title of the Bloody-Handed Gods. The mark was respected by men and seen as a symbol of the Divine Guardians struggle to protect man from Nova. The rituals used to worship them were simple, daily prayer and praise. Thorne and Asteroth chose to reside within the temple of the city of Ra, the largest and most beautiful city on the whole face of Terra. They would often spend the whole day upon two thrones constructed for them, Thorne's made of Silver, onyx, sapphire, and black obsidian, the end of each resting arm encrusted with a blood red ruby, Asteroth's made of gold, opals, clear obsidian and many diamonds. As they sat they would greet and converse the mass's that came before them with gifts, requests, questions, songs in their honor and thanks. It was during one of these sessions a group of men asked Asteroth about what was involved in the being the God of Death. Asteroth shifted uncomfortably for a moment to collect his thoughts, and then composed himself to answer them:
"Incased in the flesh of humans and all living forms on the earth is their essence, their thoughts and their memories-this is your soul, what gives the flesh life. Life is the chance for the soul to experience the world about it and interact with other souls, to enjoy the world around it. However, if the soul were to exist in the flesh forever, it would be content to simply exist and not seek out the senses that the world has to offer. Death is the separation of the soul from the flesh, and it gives life meaning. It is my duty to ensure the departure of the soul from the body."
One of the men cried out "But most honored Lord, what of the soul before it enters the body?"
Another asked, "Or does the soul form within flesh?"
The wisest of them stepped forward, "Guardian, Bloody Handed Protector, if you were so intent to protect us from death from Nova, then why do you hold dominion over our deaths?"
Asteroth frowned glaring at the man, "Death is vital to give your lives any sense of purpose...however, Nova wished that your death would occur before the proper time, cutting the time of pleasure in experiencing the world short."
The wise man shook with fear, but still questioned him, " I see. Then when is the proper time? And what of the soul after death?"
"There are some things not intended for minds of mortals, human or otherwise. I have told you all that you need to know requiring death..." Asteroth shifted in his seat again, obviously uncomfortable, his eyes flashing nervously, glancing at Thorne.
Thorne smirked from her chair, who had watched the scene intently, "Yea, such understanding is beyond your range of perception, your framework is not suited for it. We keep our secrets safe from your minds, not because they are inferior to ours, but because they are not shaped for such knowledge. Your curiosity is admirable, and I am assured you shall achieve great endeavors with your intellects..." She smiled, her teeth shining as mother of pearl. Her voice was sweet with an almost hypnotic quality. The postures of the men became relaxed, almost tired as they listened to her praise, completely forgetting the existence of Asteroth or their questions of the nature of death.
"Now, if you do not have any offerings, we shall bid you farewell..."
The men blushed, gave Asteroth a sword wroth of iron and Thorne a lavender robe of silk, and went along their way.