Eternally Waiting
By Stephen Smith
Jan. 14, 2002

I am eternally waiting,
For you to come into my life,
Your graceful beauty,
Your captivating voice,
Your blissful silence,
Your eternal lure,
Eternally waiting,
For you to fall into my lap,
Just to waltz right in,
To fall from the sky,
Improbably as it might seem,
Sappy as it appears,
This is my eternal wait,
For you to appear,
I sit here in fear,
Wondering what I am missing,
You could have just walked in and out of my life,
And I may have not opened the door,
Eternally waiting,
But to no avail,
Knocks that I hear,
I do not respond,
Because if it is not you,
My heart will dissipate,
Eternally waiting,
Too afraid to see if you are there,
But I do no dare check,
For fear that you are not there