My eternal thanks to the real Judge Drain for allowing me to mention them in my stories.

Night's Child

It was approaching midnight at the Night's Child. For the patrons, the evening was just starting. The club had only been open for about three weeks and it was already the hottest thing in the city. It was three stories high and had several basement levels. Each level of the club offered something different. Hundreds flocked to it every night. On this particular Friday night, a few of the regulars had gathered to party.

Bobby was at the bar down in the sub-basement waiting to get served. Bobby was a very handsome specimen of the human male. He had straight black hair that came down past his shoulders that he allowed to remain loose and flowing and dark eyes. Tonight he was wearing his leather ensemble, which consisted of an open vest, black pants, and heavy boots.

Once he got his drinks and all the drinks for the most of the rest of the Pack, as their group was called, he made his way back to the lounging area where the rest of the Pack was waiting impatiently. He frowned when he realized one of them had wandered off. "Where'd Jade go?" he asked almost indignantly.

Jade, as she was known, was up on the top floor where the live bands played. Jade was of Asian heritage and was quite beautiful. Tonight she was in a very tight black latex catsuit and matching stiletto boots that almost came up to her knees. She had pale white skin that made her almost glow. Her long black hair reached down to her waist and was worn flowing. Her dazzling green eyes sparkled even in the darkness. Tonight a metal band from New Jersey named Judge Drain was playing, and the dance floor was packed. Jade had managed to push her way through the crowd to get to the stage to see the band up close. Her gaze was alternating between the bassist and the lead singer. She liked them both and gave them approving glances. The combination of the presence of the band and the music they were playing had her enraptured.

Back downstairs Bobby had passed out the drinks to the Pack. The Pack itself consisted of seven members. However, only four of them were here in the lounge at the moment. Along with Bobby were Candi, Ricky, and Sinclair. Ricky was standing while the rest were all sitting. Ricky was tall with an athletic build. He was not especially attractive, but not ugly either. He had short blonde hair and very blue eyes. Tonight he was wearing a red silk shirt, black velvet pants, and black boots. Sinclair was even taller than Ricky and built like he lived at the gym. He was of African-American heritage and a lot of the women, and some of the men, of the Night's Child thought he was really gorgeous. He had a shaved head and big dark eyes. Tonight he was in a black button-down shirt, black leather pants, and black leather boots. He was also wearing a pair of Ray-Bans, even though this area of the club was dimly lit. The two of them were whispering something and Ricky let out a laugh, as if a joke had just been told. Candi stood up to let Bobby sit down and then sat on Bobby's lap. Tonight she was dressed like a Catholic schoolgirl. Her long auburn hair was even worn in twin braided pigtails. She could easily have been a pin-up model and loved dressing to take advantage of the fact. Bobby put his hand on one of her inner upper thighs and proceeded to distract her with a deep kiss on the lips. When they finally parted they noticed that Ricky and Sinclair were staring at them.

"What?" asked Bobby.

"Oh," replied Ricky. "Nothing. We were just wondering how far you two were planning on going in public."

"As far as we like," responded Candi, who punctuated her reply by sticking out her tongue.

"Is Harlequin still waiting by the door for our tardy seventh member?" asked Bobby.

"Yup," answered Sinclair.

In reality, Harlequin had left the entrance and made his way upstairs to the dance floor where Jade was. He was dressed in a black-and-red costume that befitted his nickname, complete with white face paint and a black eye mask. When out of his costume and sometimes when still in it, people said he was very sexy. He spotted Jade easily in the sea of people and made his way through the crowd. Without her noticing him, he slid up next to her and looked to see what she was staring at.

"Still drooling over the bassist?" he asked playfully in her ear with a smile on his face.

"And Peti," she shouted back to him so that she could be heard with taking her eyes off the lead singer.

"Who?" asked Harlequin.

"The lead singer, silly," replied Jade.

"Oh," said Harlequin with a dismissive wave of his hand. "Well, I still can't keep them straight. You're the one who listens to them not me. Besides, I think the guitar player over there…"

"JR?" Jade interrupted.

"Yeah, JR," said Harlequin. "Whatever his name is. I like JR, he has a cute ass."

"Now who's drooling?" teased Jade. "And anyway he likes WOMEN!"

"Oh stop," Harlequin said, feigning indignance. "I like women, too"

"Sure you do," retorted Jade. " And Candi's a virgin."

"Regardless," replied Harlequin. "I must drag you away now. I'm not going to wait for Void outside by myself."

"But the set's not finished," whined Jade.

"Honey," began Harlequin. "You have an autographed copy of their first album, the limited edition of their second album, and their new 'gold cover' third album. You can hear them anytime you want to."

"But they have to be listened to live," whined Jade some more.

Harlequin just rolled his eyes and dragged her away from the stage. Once they were out of the room, they made their way downstairs and headed for the front door of the club. After getting their hands stamped for re-entry, they walked outside. The entrance area was a gigantic mass of people waiting to get inside the already packed club.

"Are you even sure Void'll show up tonight?" asked Jade.

"I talked to Void earlier and got a guarantee on an appearance," said Harlequin. "The only question remaining is when that appearance will be. "

"When indeed," said Jade with a slight huff.

Elsewhere, a few blocks away, an ominous figure walked out of the fog and the darkness. The figure was heading towards the Night's Child. It was Void…

To be continued…