Bobby and Candi came back to the rest of the group just ahead of Ricky and Sinclair. They saw Void and exchanged glances.

"Are you quite finished?" asked Void, her annoyance evident.

"Quite finished," said Candi confidently. "We going now?"

"Yes," answered Void. "Are we all ready?"

"I'm ready," said Ricky.

"Ditto," said Sinclair.

"Let's go already!" whined Jade.

"My aren't we getting just a tad impatient?" asked Harlequin.

"Okay," said Bobby. "I'll go and get the van."

"Guys? If this is some kind of joke, it's not funny. Please, don't leave me here all alone. Guys? Guys? Guys? What was that? Who's there? Oh my God! Please, stay away! NOOOOOO!"

After Bobby walked off to get the van, the rest of the Pack each ordered a last shot for the road. After doing a group toast and downing their shots, they headed for the front door. The guy who had upset Void by insulting Harlequin was just making it inside as they walked out. Void gave him a cold hard stare as she passed by and the man nearly soiled himself. Once they were outside, they moved to the nearest corner and stopped to wait for Bobby to arrive with the van.

A few moments later, they heard a car horn honk and saw Bobby pulling up in the van. As he came to a stop in front of them, the brakes let out a squeal. "Time to get those things checked," said Harlequin as Ricky opened the side door and they all piled in.

"After next payday," said Bobby.

"You always say 'After next payday'," said Jade.

"I know," admitted Bobby. "Void, you're up here with me since you know where this place is."

Without a word, Void got into the passenger seat and looked straight ahead. As soon as she did so, Candi came up front and sat down between their seats with her back to the dashboard. Then she struck a bored pose by bending one leg and putting her elbow on her knee so she could rest her chin on her hand. Ricky's eyes nearly exploded when he looked down at her and realized that not only could he clearly see up her skirt, but that she was also not wearing any panties.

"This is the most shocking crime this reporter has ever witnessed. The thought that something like this could happen in this neighborhood was unthinkable, until today."

"Are we there yet?" whined Candi.

"No," said Void. "And don't ask again."

Candi put on a pout and leaned her head against Bobby's leg, still not knowing or caring that she was flashing Ricky.

In the back, Jade and Harlequin were taking sips from Jade's emergency hipflask of alcohol.

"Hey!" shouted Bobby as he spotted them in his mirror. "You want to get me in deep shit? Put that thing away before I get pulled over by a cop!"

"Buzzkill," said Jade with a pout as Harlequin pocked her hipflask.

"Oh, God! Please help me! I don't want to die. I don't want to die. We should never have come here. We should nev…"

"That's it," said Void as she pointed to a dark building. "We can park around back in the lot."

"Are you sure there's not going to be any security guards in there?" asked Ricky. "I don't want to get arrested. My folks'd be pissed if they had to come to the police station to bail me out."

"Don't be such a pussy!" hissed Void. "Even security guards won't come near this place after dark."

"Maybe they know something we don't," said Sinclair. "There has to be a reason for that."

"If the rest of you want to stay in here like scared children then fine," said Void. "But as for me, I'm for the adventure inside."

"No one said we didn't want to go inside, bitch," said Sinclair.

"Who in the hell do you think you're calling bitch, bitch?" snapped Void.

"Whoa!" interrupted Harlequin. "Time out! Cease fire! TRUCE! We're all supposed to be friends here, so we should start acting like it."

"I am," said Void. "Otherwise I'd get nasty."

Candi looked at Bobby and rolled her eyes. "This whole thing sucks," she whined. "We should've stayed at the club."

"C'mon," said Harlequin. "Let's try it out before you say that."

"We need to get out of here! How do we get out of here?

Bobby pulled into the lot and found a place to park. The brakes squealed again and he cringed. "After payday," he said again under his breath. "Okay, everybody out!"

They quickly exited the van and Void pointed to a nearby door. "We'll go in that way," she said.

"Lead the way," said Jade. "I can hardly wait."

"The wait's almost over," said Sinclair.

"Won't the door be locked?" asked Ricky.

"I've got a solution for that," answered Bobby. He then went around to the back of the van, opened it up, and began rummaging through a toolbox. After about a minute, he closed everything back up and returned to the group, proudly displaying a crowbar. "This will do the trick."

"Breaking and entering," stated Harlequin.

"Of an empty and unused building," added Void. "I doubt any cop will actually arrest us if they catch us here."

"Speaking of the cops," began Sinclair. "Won't they notice the van if we keep it parked here? Shouldn't we move it?"

"That's a good idea," agreed Bobby as he handed the crowbar to Void. "I'll be right back. Again."

While Bobby left to move the van, the rest of the Pack headed over to the door Void had indicated. When they got in front of it, they could see that it was indeed locked from the outside by a new padlock.

"Isn't anybody concerned by the fact that that padlock is brand spanking new?" asked a concerned Ricky.

"Well maybe the landlord was here recently," said Harlequin. "And while he was here, he noticed an unsecured door and decided to do something about it. Anything's possible."

"I don't like it," said Ricky.

"I don't like it either," added Candy. "Look, guys. Why don't we just go back to the Night's Child and forget all this? The more I'm seeing, the more this looks like a bad idea."

"Bite your tits," said Jade. "We're already here. Why waste the trip and the gas? I say we keep going."

"I agree with Jade," said Sinclair. "We're already here. But, how about we compromise? We go inside for fifteen minutes and then we split. Agreed?"

Everyone looked at one another and nodded their heads in agreement. Void then turned her attention back to the door and started getting to work on the padlock with the crowbar. As she did, Bobby finally made it back.

"What're we all standing around for?" he asked, surprised that Void hadn't already opened the door.

"We're doing things by committee," answered Harlequin.

Just as he said that, Void finished popping the padlock on the door and gave everyone the okay signal.

"Enter my parlor," said Void as she gestured inside.

"Said the spider to the fly," added Candi.

"This is going to be so much fun!" said Jade enthusiastically.

One-by one, they all filed in. Ricky brought up the rear and paused just outside the door. "Abandon all hope, ye who enter here," he said. He then took a deep breath, entered through the doorway, turned, and closed the door behind them.

To be continued…