All of Her Life

Her hair was long and sleek
But was hidden by her cover
So that no one would ever know
So that no one would want to love her
And she would hang her head low
In an attempt to blend in
All of her life

And her heart was a block of ice
That was never bound to melt
So she blocked out all the emmotions
She had ever felt
And to think that she never had love
Or anything like that
All of her life

And before her eyes
Held her icy glare
So no one could see
What was truly there
And she kept a steady face
Her expression never changed
All of her life

And her hands were soft and smooth
Like the silky night
So she covered them up
To keep from anyone's sight
And she tucked them in her pocket
Never to be seen
All of her life

And her soul had never been touched
For she would let nobody go near
So she hid away from the world
As to not show her fear
But they all knew
She would never ever change
For all of her life

by Kiwikiipaa