My first non-Gorillaz fic posted on this site. Actually I wrote it in my senior year of high school and it’s really good. I tried to get it published in the school’s annual literary magazine, but it was rejected -_- . Oh well, I hope everyone who reads it enjoys it.

Creation Myth

Another Story of Things Gone Too Far

In the beginning there was chaos. Out of this jumble of mass and energy was birthed Tyrnath, the mother of the universe. With the leftover mass she forged an egg. Out of this egg hatched the universe. Over a very long time the universe grew and developed. Stars were born and died, galaxies formed, whole worlds were made, but there was no life. With no life, no matter how beautiful and intricate the universe was, it was cold, desolate and empty. Tyrnath was the only living being in the whole universe.

Tyrnath created five eggs which would hatch the dragons who would create life in the universe. There was a green egg, a silver egg, a red egg, a blue egg, and a golden egg. Each one contained a dragon, which would have power over an element. Each would create creatures of their corresponding element. Earth, air, fire, water, and soul.

The first egg hatched Tanna, the earth dragon. Tannna was the ruler of the land. She ruled the mountains, valleys, caves. She created the great caves, lush forests, rolling grasslands, frozen peaks, humid jungles, and the arid deserts. Along with the land structures, she created all the creatures of the land; from the tiny field mouse, to the mighty lumbering elephant.

Out of the second egg hatched Amdin, the air dragon. He was ruler of the wind, storms, and all weather. He created the clouds, rainbows and the dancing aurora. He was creator of all air creatures, the insects, birds and bats. He was creator of the powerful lightning.

Sandora, the fire dragon was the third to hatch. She was the master of fire. She created the flames, and the volcano. Her creature of creation was the salamander, the legendary creature of the flames.

The fourth to hatch was Karentok, the dragon of water. He became the ruler of all things aquatic. He ruled all water bodies, from tiny streams to vast, deep oceans. He created all rivers and waterfalls, the ponds and the seas. He created the creatures of the sea, from the tiny krill shrimp to the mighty whale who eats the krill to survive.

The last to hatch was Burnath, the soul dragon. He is the one who breathed life into all living things. Without him all the living creations of the other four dragons would be empty, lifeless shells. He was the only one who didn’t have a creation. One day he had a creation of his own. A pet race for all the dragons, they were called humans.

Humans started as a weak and feeble race. They didn’t have any characteristics to aid them in survival. What they did have was a strong mind capable of learning and retaining information. They were able to ponder complex thoughts. With those abilities the dragons taught them how to survive in the world. Tanna taught them how to hunt. She taught them how to build shelter and make clothing to protect them from the weather. The humans were taught how to use the fertile land to grow crops. Amdin taught the humans how to use the weather to their advantage. They learned how to gather the rain to water the crops. They were taught what weather was dangerous and the skills to survive it. Sandora taught them how to use fire to prepare meals. She taught them that fire brought warmth. They were taught that if fire was abused it would bring danger. Fire could be both friend and enemy. Karentok taught the humans how to catch fish and build boats. Humans were taught how to swim like the mighty sea creatures. They were also taught the dangers of tidal waves and how the water could bring death. Lesser dragons were created to watch the tiny human tribes and in return the humans worshipped and respected the dragons.

The early humans respected and peacefully co-existed with the world and all of the things it housed. When a tribe got too large some of the people within the tribe would leave and start their own tribe somewhere else. And so the humans scattered throughout the world. There were many different tribes of people. There were nomads of the burning deserts and frozen tundra. There were the forest tribes who built villages and seldom moved. Some of the nomad tribes moved with the animals they herded. Other tribes moved with their resources such as fertile land for certain crops. Some civilizations built great cities and had complex cultures. No matter how diverse they were, they were all connected by having the same creator.

The dragons viewed all of these great and diverse cultures. There were the Egyptians, who built the great pyramids. The American Indians, who lived in harmony with all living things. The natives of South and Central America who made their homes in the lush jungles in Peru and the Yucatan. The inventions and innovations of great imperial China. There were the nomads of the north who herded and traveled with their reindeer. There were the many diverse tribes of Africa, from jungle dwellers to the hunters of the savanna. Many of these cultures created their own religions and worshipped their own gods. All people were able to exist with the rest of the world peacefully. The dragons didn’t mind that they weren’t the focus of religion anymore and were actually very impressed with Burnath’s creation.

Things went smoothly on Earth for many centuries. The humans thrived and constantly developed. Later on things changed. The humans spread throughout the world until there was very little room left. They built large cities with smoke-belching factories that polluted. People stopped caring for their home planet. People were fighting over land and using resources faster than they could be produced. People were starving because there was not enough food to sustain everyone. Forests were clear-cut and burned all for the sake of expansion.

People not only disrespected the world they lived, they also disrespected each other. Some cultures ruthlessly conquered other cultures to prove that their empire was the strongest. Great cities that took years to build were destroyed in a day, all for such things as greed and war. Once great and noble people were destroyed, never to be seen again. Whole cultures were obliterated because of lust for power by some greedy warlord. People became followers, and if someone had enough power and charisma, they could lead enough people to make whole nations crumble. Many people were almost able to take over the whole world.

Another thing that mankind destroyed each other over was religion. Cultures attempted to convert others and those who didn’t comply were destroyed, all in the name of whichever god they worshipped. People were persecuted for their beliefs by those of more powerful religions. Whole wars were fought over religions. Some religions felt they had power over other religions. Some religions became corrupted, hypocritical, power hungry, and greedy. At first religion offered explanation and comfort for people, now it spread only hatred for others who were different. There were attempts to destroy and control those of other race and belief. Even divisions of major religions would fight amongst each other. Not even the lesser dragons, children of the great ones, were immune. Many of these noble dragons were killed in belief that they were evil. They were killed to prove the bravery of stuck-up “righteousâ€