Note before reading:

When taken out of context, this story is about me. Don’t go fundamental on me. We all know that there has not been a World War III, as much was we would like to call the events of September 11 the beginning of World War III. We also know that no French dude has been trying to take over the world, though we sometimes wonder about some people, and there is no holocaust going on in America, besides the countless abortions people have. I do not have anything against the French, Americans (I am a proud Texan, accent and all), Christians, or Jews. I also don’t have anything against the country of Belize. I just had to choose some places. It’s all totally random. No hidden meaning whatsoever. This story, when you read it literally, is totally and completely fiction. But, when taken out context, this story is true. Yesica Sanchez is based upon me. The events she goes through mentally, physically, and emotionally have been events I’ve gone through (yes, I’ve been proposed to…well…it was a 3 year old haha). If you know me personally, you know I don’t have like 20 people in my family. I have 3. Me, my brother, and my mom. I come from a Mexican background, as does the Sanchez family. I am proud of my heritage. Just about every one I know has a character based off of them. Can you find yours?