They say the best ones always die young,
that's not true, some stay
Those who die young do die quicker,
the old ones fade away.

When you set out young and bright
the stars seem in your grasp.
You're too naive to realise
they'll burn whoe'er they clasp.
Ev'rybody seems so helpful,
so friendly and so nice,
takes some years to realise
that it all came at a price.

As the years go by you'll come
to see just how things work.
Buzzards start to circle lower,
hyenas closer lurk.
If you want to keep on going,
you must feed them a sacrifice.
If you want to be a star
you'll never have a life.

Each day, to maintain your grip
you must give up some more.
The tides you pay keep coming in
eroding at your shores.
Your principles are fast submerged
your soul soon follows them.
Without the things that make you you
what will you do then?