I walk alone beneath the cloudy sky. The damp grass caresses my bare feet as I walk, its soft whispering undecipherable. The night is dark, but my eyes can see the path before me as clear as day. I walk with no direction or purpose, unaware of where my feet are taking me. For I know that this is only delaying the inevitable. Soon the clouds will part and clear and silver moonlight will bath the land.

Even the thought of it causes strange sensations within me. It has been too long.

And slowly now, the blackness lightens to grey as the clouds tatter and shred. My blood goes cold in my body and my nerves tingle as the first ray of moonlight lances over my body.

As the silvery cascade engulfs me, swift as a lovers caress, I feel my Otherself rising and let it take control. But as the moonlight dims again as the clouds return, I once more pace the hills, but in a different form. Neither man nor beast am I, but I am doomed to this existence. Half in the light, and half enshrouded in darkness.