Flying Without Wings

Edit, Dec 9, 2003 -- I went through and fixed up a few tyops in one of my oldest, but most popular poems. To anyone who has ever told me that this work has moved them or helped them in anyway - Thank you.

Have you ever drempt of flying,
Soaring without wings?
Letting go of all your problems,
No more worrying over little things?
Just to be free from your sorrows,
The looks, the sneers, the laughs,
Just to be your own person,
Even unto the last?
In that single moment,
Your freedom it can bring.
A way out, an escape,
When you're flying without wings.

But is it really worth it?
Just to leave it all behind?
You'd also loose what's precious,
Happy times, locked in your mind.
Your friends, whom you can laugh with,
Whether the number be large or small,
The joy, the tears, the sorrows,
No secrets left untold.
Your family who cares for you,
Always by your side.
Whether you do good or wrong,
From them, you don't have to hide.

So if you've ever drempt of flying,
Soaring in the sky,
Take some time to think it out,
Don't be afraid to cry.
In the end the good will outweigh the bad.
Your laughter, joys and mirth,
Can chase out the taunts and stares,
And remember, just for what it's worth:

Don't be afriad,
Don't loose your hope,
There's always someone here,
You have people you can turn to,
If it gets too much to bear.
Don't waste your whole life dreaming,
Of flying in the clouds.
Reach out for help,
And grasp a hand,
Find all life has to hold.

Life is precious,
Don't waste it.
Use the gifts that happiness brings,
Lead a good, true life,
Have faith --
And one day you'll get your wings.