As I look at the blankness in your eyes
My heart, deep within, begins to cry
You are not the person I once knew
Merely a shell, just a shadow of you
Your soul disappeared a long time ago
I was just foolish, too stupid to know
I realize now that the real you went away
But I won't give up, I'll get you back one day
Even if it takes an eternity to find you
I'll take that long or longer just to get you
I won't give up hope even if things are bleak
I'll show the ones that gave up that I'm far from weak
I'll go down to the depths of darkness to find you
And up to the heavens where the light will blind you
I'll even betray you if that is your cost
But I'll never forever say that you're lost
I know you're still there hiding somewhere for now
You want to get out, and I'll show you how
Give me your hand and I'll pull you back up
Your spirit is fragile, like a small crystal cup
One day I want to see a soul in your eyes
Even if it takes billions of tries
Even if you hate me once this is through
That'll be enough - as long as it's you