The moon looks like it is sinking
But, really, it is only the clouds that are moving
The half moon is beautiful tonight
It's shining, so small and so bright
It seems as though
If I could just reach
A little bit further
I could touch it
I could take it in my hands
And feel its warmth and roughness
I could keep it close to me
It could be my good luck charm
To protect me and make me smile
But if I took it away
Everyone else who's ever
Looked at the moon this way
Would miss its beauty
And the happiness
This tiny, faraway monument
And who am I to take away others' dreams and hopes?
So, for now, I'll leave the moon up there
Up there in the sky with the stars and galaxies
And for now I'll just dream
And live my life
Until someday I'll be able
To go up there and meet the moon
And play with the planets and sun
For now, it can stay
A little drop of hope
In a sea of darkness