AUTHOR'S NOTES: This was an A-Level English assignment - to write a poem in the style of Sylvia Plath. This is what my friend and I came up with at the time. Probably helps if you know Plath's poetry… Nevertheless, this stands as one of my best to date (LOL! What does that say about my poetry?!) So, whether you know Plath's stuff or not, please R&R

The Diet

© T'eyla Minh (and friend) 2000

Food is life,
But too much food
Can equal death.

Fruits and vegetables
Are healthy enough
But other stuff is not:

'A glass and a half' of milk
Sounds good, but not when it's in

'Apples of the Earth'
Made hard by heat
And highly addictive.

Hard-boiled sugar - sherbet lemons.
The innocent sweets of childhood days:
Teeth rotters.

Fruit juice and carbonated water,
The deadly concoction of
Acidic liquid.

How can I resist them?
How can I give them up?
They sit in my cupboard and taunt me.

The bees' comb blood
Dribbles off the spoon,
Like the baby in the crib.

The Nazi nourishment is for nincompoops!
An ocean of milk, cold, white and

Tulips and poppies adorn my kitchen.
The food I prepare is lean and green,
The burnt off fat, my gold medal.

I need a new menu
To start a new journey.
How long will it last?

Berries, my life.
Biting cheese and horse radishes for eternity.