AUTHOR'S NOTES: For anyone who's been through their A-Level results day and survived. Or any results day for that matter. I wrote this the night before, and the afternoon after… Vaguely parody-ish of Shakespeare, but badly. =) Enjoy!

Ode To Results Day

© T'eyla Minh 2000

O little piece of paper...
My future is in thy hands.
What dost thy say on thy surface?
Four single letters represent
What will become of my hopes and dreams,
And for what I'll serve my purpose.
A terible alphabet A to E,
Then N and U, which shall it be,
O paper? Do not torment me so!
All I want is to finally know.
O little piece of paper...
My future is in thy hands,
And thou shalt be in mine.
A few more minutes, all it takes,
Torturous waiting, feeling quite agued.
When, o when, shall I again feel fine?


The moment of truth is finally here.
At last the fog will finally clear
From around my head.
I'll sleep in my bed
Without fear of stress.
The grades that I needed? Well, more or less.
O little piece of paper…
(And thy larger companions.)
You've really put me through Hell!
Now, 'tis finished, 'tis done, 'tis complete!
The new term begins with
The tolling of a bell.