AUTHOR'S NOTES: This is probably my only poem that comes from me... One I'm actually proud of. This started life as a rant about life being frelled as usual, and I realised it was already turning into a poem, so I finished the job. Please review.


(c) T'eyla Minh 2001

I need so little…
I want too much…
I love what I cannot have…

I need my mind
Though it drives me insane.
I want what I crave -
My own fortune and fame.
I love, unrequited,
No more than a name…

I need my dreams,
In that world of my own.
I want my name
Up in lights, carved in stone.
I love a man,
But I love him alone…

I need my music;
I sing on a whim:
I want my auditorium
Lights to dim!
I love a voice;
I'm torn, limb from limb…

I need reassurance
I'm not going crazy.
I want to be active
To stop being lazy.
I love, but I wonder:
Should love be so hazy?

I need…
I need my body,
I need my soul.
I need to be two halves
Instead of one whole.
I need to be able
To see what I'm not.
I need so little,
But demand such a lot…

I want…
I want too much money
To keep and to spend.
I want to be everyone's
Very best friend.
I want my life
To be better than this.
I want too much,
And the things I could miss…

I love…
I love the hush
At the start of a show.
I love the rain,
And the white of fresh snow.
I love a man,
But he loves another.
I love whom I love
And there'll be no other, but…
I love what I cannot have.

I need what I have,
But I want what I don't.
I love, and I wish he'd be mine,
But he won't.
I need what I want,
And I want what I love…
I love what I need…

My needs and my wants
And my loves are all fine
In this life I inhabit,
In this world that's all mine.
I couldn't need more,
I couldn't want less,
I'll never stop loving -
That much I'll confess.
I need to stop writing
This poem of mine.
I want to tell more,
But I haven't the time.
I'll love you and leave you,
We'll all be just fine.

I depend…
I desire…
I adore…