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Chapter One - Salaron's revenge

The cries and sounds of battle filled the air. A castle was being attacked by a wizard and his army. Inside the castle, the King's children watched in horror as the battle raged. It did not look good for their side.
"I told you I would be back Azul!" yelled the wizard. "You did not think you could get rid of me that easily, did you? I will have my revenge!"
"We shall see about that Salaron!" cried King Azul. "My sword and I have a little disagreement to settle with you!"
Oblivious of the chaos around them, wizard and king fought, both determined to kill the other.
Azul's children watched the battle helplessly. The oldest son slammed his fist against the wall.
"I've seen enough! I'm helping father!" he cried.
"Oh no you're not!" yelled one of his sisters. "Dad and mom told us to stay right here, and that's what we are going to do."
"I am the eldest, and if I choose to fight I will!" her brother said stubbornly. "I am nearly an adult, and I as eldest I am also Protector of the Royal Family. I go to fight, the rest of you stay here."
Erwin turned and ran towards the door, his sword banging against his leg. Layna, his sister, stamped her foot angrily. "This is not good, he should not go out there!"
"But he is the eldest," Rafin, the youngest son, said. "But he still has a good idea. You two stay here." With that he turned and ran after his brother, sword in hand.
"And just where do you think you are going?" Layna yelled. "Get back here! You are only fifteen!"
Ignoring her, he continued running. Layna rolled her eyes and screamed in frustration. "Just how foolish can they be?" she snapped. Grabbing a bow and a quiver, Layna turned to her little sister. "Elwyn, stay here. I have to protect those fools."
"Why does everyone get to fight except me?" Elwyn frowned.
"Because you are eight," Layna said with as much patience as she could. "Please, just stay here, okay?"
Elwyn nodded and her sister ran after her brothers. Climbing onto the windowsill, Elwyn watched the battle with cold hazel eyes. I hope they will be alright, she thought.

Azul and Salaron were still fighting. Azul tripped and fell on his back, his sword slipping just out of his reach. Salaron stood over him, an evil light flickering in his dark eyes.
"And now to finish it!" he screeched gleefully.
He rose his sword to strike, then he suddenly jumped to the side. A sword rang as it missed Salaron and struck the stone courtyard.
"Tisk, tisk Eliya, I thought you had better aim than that," he said mockingly.
Eliya picked up her sword and faced him. "I will not miss this time," she said fiercely.
"I think you will," said Salaron darkly.
Eliya charged, but Salaron waved his hand and Eliya was suddenly thrown across the courtyard.
"Eliya!" cried Azul.
"Do not be afraid, your wife is fine," Salaron remarked dryly. "But you will not be."
Salaron swung his sword, but Azul rolled aside. Grabbing his sword, Azul struck, cutting Salaron across his chest. The wizard staggered, but did not fall. He grinned smugly as he watched Azul's surprised and fearful face.
"A nice shot, but not nice enough," chuckled the wizard. "I will kill you, but first I want you to see how your family will suffer."
Azul tried to attack the wizard, but found he could not move. To his horror, he saw his sons run out the front door, followed by his oldest daughter. Azul looked at Salaron viciously.
"You would not dare," he growled.
"Oh, but I would," the wizard laughed crazily. "Revenge!" he screamed.
Azul watched in horror as arrows flew and his oldest daughter fell. Salaron's men then attacked his sons, striking them down mercilessly. Azul wept brokenly, for his children were the dearest things to him.
"Now, let us see," said Salaron musingly. "I will let Eliya live, for now. I may have use for her later. We got the two sons and a daughter, but you have two daughters, correct?" Salaron gazed up at the castle.
Azul followed his gaze fearfully, and his heart sank when he saw it rested on his beloved daughter Elwyn. Elwyn stared back fearlessly at the wizard, anger radiating from her small face.
"Oh, she is a feisty one, isn't she," chuckled Salaron. "I could not kill such a brave creature, not yet anyway. Let's see, what is a fitting curse..."
Azul's eyes blazed with anger. "If you hurt here I swear to return from the grave and kill you."
Salaron chuckled grimly. "I doubt you will have to do that. I will not hurt her, I shall just give her a chance to look at life differently." Salaron glanced up at her. "I hope you can here me!" he yelled. "Listen well child:

Without the sun your form shall change,
From dusk to dawn Wolf will be your name.
To kiss one you love will seal their fate,
And add another wolf to my plate.
Your children will be even worse than you,
Until they are wolves whether under sun or moon."

With that Salaron began laughing crazily. "Did you hear that Azul? You have a werewolf for a daughter!"
Azul screamed with anger, and clutching his sword leapt at Salaron. However, Salaron was ready. He dodged Azul's sword and drove his own into his foe. Azul fell, Salaron's sword protruding out his back.
Salaron's blood froze as a piercing scream filled the air. Turning he saw Elwyn standing in the window, her face filled with anger and hate.
"Salaron, I hope you can hear me, because I swear to hunt you down and kill you!" she screamed. "There is nowhere you can hide! You will never escape!"
Salaron quivered. Fool, she is just a small child, she can do nothing to you, he thought reproachfully. But something in the girl's eyes struck fear in the wizard's heart.
Cries of `retreat' brought Salaron back to reality. He watched in dismay as his army fled.
"Fools," he hissed furiously. "I will return to conquer another time. I have my revenge, and I will live on that until my plans are fulfilled." Looking both ways, the wizard slipped away unnoticed into the shadows.

End Chapter One.