Hearts of Fire

Hearts of fire spring up from the circus of winter,

merry tambourines sing joyously for the hairy king.

I look to find the horse has flown into the moldy moon,

lips quiver with scabby blisters because the cow spoke too soon!

It is broken

but call for a free checkup

you will be insured forever

with cheap wine you can live in peace.

Miss me and I will be further away than before

but call me with free weekend minutes

and we will see the sun rise together

but not before the milk goes sour on the floor.

how then will jovial children barf kindly

if grandma was slain by the spirit?

maybe we should just mate the monkeys

and eat parfaits too!

if all else fails they can take a nap

and wait for the babies to fry the proverbial eggs.

Why will a cow go up the stairs

but not fall into the waste basket?

Conspiracy is your only father

and I will kill that panda of yours

if I do not get the cheese yesterday

so bang, you're dead.

Miss me? I thought you saw that grub!

You can kiss the toilet, but no one can clean it.

I once tried to eat and sleep at the same time

but darkness quickly frowned on the ducks theory.

Mister cookie is allergic to sugar,

come dance rapidly upon the soul of glass

while evil stepmothers jump on the last of the mohicans

and they do not notice your large brain child.

Hearts of fire spring up from the circus of winter

for the future can only be glued to certain desks

while many go hungry, with their bellies full of gruel

but they mistook the truth for free cheese.

The cow on the moon says hello

Mystery meat will be the downfall of the homosapien race

not forgetting the dear turtles who made the labor laws

and children must thank them

and bestow gifts dipped in pink glitter

Mouth rot turns me on

One line is more than none

but two lines is a far cry from one million

just as your computer will explode in your ear

and leave you breathless, wanting more cereal.

Jungle of hair confounds me!

Make the savage mutant hippos leave me in peace!

Instead of love I got free donuts.

The cheap wine is all gone.

Life spirals down the escalator of doom.

Don't trip--the gnomes will eat your toes.

If you keep one eye open at all times,

it will save you a trip to the morgue.

Take the pie out five minutes early,

but leave the casserole in for ten minutes too long.

I'd rather have no girls here

than a thousand singing monks!

Did this fart belong to you?

I'm sorry if he stole it!

We found your head in the closet,

hope you didn't need it for your dentist appointment today.

This gum tastes better when stuck to large baboon butt,

but the bedpost offers a more minty vibe.

Control your rabid chipmunks

or I will have to call the large jester in the tower of love.

Did you hear?

Six silly surfers sold socks.

I told her not to marry him!

She said it was a birthday wish from moon man.

Don't roll your eyes at the smart glasses, you ungrateful whore!

I feel like the children should barf again,

but the carpet is still napping.

Deliverance takes up to a year,

and the bed cannot be made until resurrection has been accomplished.

Take the chisel down to the fire,

and let it swim in the abyss.

Will you attend the xylophone championship?

I know Mr. misses will!

Imagine large naked ballerina,

dancing with hairy legs

and full hips of steel,

with illuminating eye muscles!

Where is the yarn?

It is not real, but in the mind.

So see you evil incarnate,

the mountain of death awaits!

In conclusion,

free weekend minutes saved my life.

But wait, the dawn has not seen the shipyard.

It will have the guff beaten from the scummy skin.

I saw them waiting,

a cigar poked from puckered fangs.

Where do we go from here?

North leads to land of insomniac television station,

but south holds out three hands of fortune cookies.

Choose the right one or blood will break down your door.

Follow the kid who has a nervous twitch,

he will lead show you all the misfit toys.

Fear not happy candyland game,

you will not be discarded for jenga or jumanji!

The gross product for the fiscal year

amounts to the number of grains on the beach.

No swimming!

The water wishes only to swallow you whole!

Many whales have lost their lives by eating prickly pears,

so beware the giant squid woman.

Her voluptuous knee caps will show you a whole new world,

take no more cheese than you can fit in your pockets!

Drowning in shallow baby pool is a disgrace.

Drowning in puddle of pistachio pudding is GREAT!

be sure not to turn the wheel too far that way,

90 degree angles suit you best.

The sum of the parts equals your past,

but don't look down

or you will fall to your fatal demise.

See there, the pterodactyl draws nigh!

Hark, my headband has had an affair

with large candy salesman!

What did she see in his lint filled bellybutton?

She saw an infinite time portal of discount shopping!

The edge is too close!

Step away or start your engines!

The brakes gave out,

but not before the wide load toppled to its doom.

One minus two equals pi,

and that is the answer the duck's theory sought.

Tooo late,

semi truck squashed us all!

Mighty mighty giants,

eat your green beans!

Stop throwing up on the floor!

It's still napping.

The children barfed kindly too long,

jovial chickens have replaced them.

Ancestral ruins have begun the magic ceremony...

mass decapitation is at hand!

Where have you been high flying peace homie?

To the sun and back?

My orbit was thrown of course

by a flying pony, with stomach full of chicken soup.


Queen frown meet king smile

children of the corn,

the sign says to applaud!

Ungrateful wretches will be fed to my wrath,

but if happy family Chinese restaurant pays the tab,

we can have Peking duck for life!

Too late, there is no more cheap wine to go with it!

All is lost,

the lint has fallen unceremoniously from the fat mans belly!

World peace?


Eenie meenie miney mo,

Catch an obese pig murderer by the lazy eye.

He might scream,

but your body odor will be an ample retaliation.

The cantina is empty.

Everything will stick to the cavernous roof of your mouth.

Hippy bird dog fly swiftly,

time is precious, and candy is sweet.

I feel a dance coming on,

but these handicap signs are stopping me...

world domination has failed,

release the carnivores!

Macarena died young,

while sister dip dipped low.


bunk beds are a safety hazard.

Moon, shine on my naked fingernail.

The sea beckons a second round of free beer.

Nothing is cheap,

except the fourth monkey who waits impatiently at Joe's.

In conclusion of the conclusion,

my back itches like hairy she-male.

Crawl into the teacup,

You will find a variety of flavors waiting there.

Be warned though, the orange wishes to kill your soul.

I would stick with the flavors you know best.

Go my valiant kitchen utensils!

Destroy all opposition,

Even British men in tights!

The snake wrapped around your fee-fi-fat leg.

Elven scepter, spit far.

Yodeling dagger can no longer whistle.

But have no fear,

The celestial fork can redeem your free flyer miles!

Manwich, oh manwich, where have you been?

Working out with spam I presume.

Didnd't I tell you not to moon the sun?

Anger leads to suffering, suffering leads to massive constipation.

Cast aside your petty dictatorship differences.

We can all live in peace,

In beds of cheese and houses of moldy apple cores.

Have you seen my thong?

Fire breathe, ice me down!

Holy pants of kryptonite,

Your mother has shed her primordial ooze!

Runny snot come quickly!

123456789 Tin,

beginning of the end,

begins with B and ends with D,

so where fits the C?

Crap sounds dirty coming from any mouth but yours,

I'd rather you say words like fecal matter or poopie-woopie.

Is this my suntan lotion?

Give it back, goddess of whenchdom!

Ill omen of the purple shaded night!

A fork has been stabbed into the cow flying over the moon!

Ocean, swallowed him whole.

One gulp and he regretted the fried peas he had for lunch.

I still have your fart.

And your head.

Make the most of your tissue paper,

Recycle, reduce, re-use!

How delicately you plant the thorny rosebush,

But how maliciously you stare at the holly bush!

An apology is in order,

But be sure to avoid crushing the miracle-grow's lovechild.

Konshow pow,

Isionganow tow.

Ferade te tre,

Makara cada se!

Is your shirt on inside-out?

Or am I trapped inside your strikingly sexy rib-cage?

I'm looking at it all wrong,

The crayons should not be in black and white!!!

The man from over yonder says hello,

But don't stare at his flatulent wife

Or a beating will be In order.

Drink more Ovaltine to avoid deadly bee sting.

Clowns harness evil methane powers.

They hold onto their britches with untamed lust,

But that cannot stop the lions from devouring their wigs.

Rainbows, whisk away my double jointed hands!

Safety lies within the safe,

The combination has been lost though.

Find it by turning to your left-right,

It waits in all its glory.

Starry sky dream of nothing,

But fiery depths of casserole scream in angst.

The carpet is awake!

Place all belongings in overhead compartments, with haste!

Nuclear weapon, be my guide.

Lead me not into field of cow dung,

But into fertile pastures of deceitful wolf boys.

I hear dead fish.

Don't blame me you judgmental cracker,

I voted for Bush!

Vertical stripes make you look fat,

So stick with the polka-dotted reptile suit of impenetrable mesh fiber!

Hearts of fire spring up from the circus of winter,

The show is over now

Go home,

The caravan of insanity is moving on.