My Friend Is Gone

My friend is gone, my friend is gone

My friend wasn't near at all

So connected, so related--

But it was all so complicated

Miles and miles, I hate the distance

We weren't even that resistant

Little time to say a world

Little space to see our love

And every time the news were bad

My heart would break apart in half

So much need to see my friend

But we were on either end

No one cared, no one looked

No one noticed what our pain took

Everyday, the thought of escaping

Not home--this imprisionment

Oh, my friend, hear me now

Hear me how much I needed you...

My friend is gone, my friend is gone

I cannot see how I can go on

Pain is just eating my chest

It will be better if I just rest--

Oh, my friend, one piece of love

Could've saved me from this world

But it was cruel, it was all the hate

The evil souls--we got separated

Oh, dear friend, all I want

Is a bit of peace

To see clear dawn

But you're not here

So I'm gone.

A/N--k......completely depressed again. Thinking about many things and people.......k, uh, for my friend, Dido....*I might as well say her name's Thalia (H is silent plz)* and well, probably ruki too because she doesn't have anyone that really understands her...'cept her cousin I think. Oh well. And uh, Zel, who *I think* needs some friends. Or at least, more people that understand him. As for me, I might as well sink in hell, there is nothing more that can make me well...I'll rest some way, don't worry, it won't be today *unfortunately.*