Words Fail Me
By The Anonymous Poet

I see you angry, I see you frustrated,

and my words fail me.

I see you hurting, I see you suffering,

and my words fail me.

I curse my mind, my feeble brain, curse myself,

when I see your torment, and I can say nothing.

I see you weeping, I see you crying,

and my words fail me.

I sense your pain, sense your dark emotions,

and my words fail me.

I ask that God forgive me, when my tongue goes slack,

I pray and beg for your forgiveness, although I deserve it not.

I desire to take your pain, and make it my own,

I no longer want to see you hurting,

see you crying, weeping, or suffering.

I want to see you happy again, and joyous in the world,

I'd give anything to see those dark things gone, and those things of light back,

Even give unto you my own happiness, and joy, and trade for you hurts.

Oh God, oh Lord, oh Almighty above, I ask that you do this one favor for me,

Give them my joy, my happiness, my soul, and trade for their torments, their sufferings, their sorrows.

Give those things unto me, and one last sight of their happiness.

I'd glady give myself unto thee, sacrafice my being, to remove the hurts from their lives.

I throw myself upon your court, for mercy and forgiveness, when my words fail me.