My Angel, My Love.
By The Anonymous Poet
Dedicated to the love of my life, Lora.
My life has changed,
Begun anew, seen in a whole new light,
I look at you in my arms, my days no longer sad,
I see you smiling at me, making me so glad.

And as we sit and bathe in the sunset's soft glow,
I look at you, think to myself, that I'm no more alone.
But then I sigh, and frown as my mind begins to wonder,
My love, what would I do if you were to leave me,
What would happen if we lose one another?

I'd feel a loss more painful, a heart ache more intense,
I'd know not what I'd do without you, my love, my soulmate,
I'd wonder the world, searching and searching,
My body a shell, my soul shattered, and my heart deadened.

Indeed I must be the luckiest man in this very existance,
For you are the most special, most precious of things,
And I am not sure if I deserve you, my love.

Before I've known you, my world was dark,
My life was grey and quite dim,
And after years of hoping, of praying to God, of dreaming,
He sent me my angel from the heavens,
And indeed her life was light beyond beauty,
Your glow that came deep from within.

And as we both sit, in our loving embrace,
I see you look up at me and smile kindly,
Drying my eyes, and wiping my tears,
And putting to rest my doubts,
And it is then that I know what I've always known,
That you love me, and that I love you.