Midnight Morphing

On a dark and dreary night,

Such as the one just like tonight.

I heard the howl to the moon,

What was that sound?  I wish I knew.

I walked out slowly to the moor,

When behind me was the creak to my front door.

Hardly breathing, listening closely,

Running from what my instincts told me.

Then the sound rang out again,

I turned about in my defend.

Squinting hard about the fog,

That horrid noise came like a dog.

I felt my body twist and turn,

My insides and my stomach churned.

And glancing down upon my hands,

I saw that they were wolf, not man.

Falling down upon the floor,

I scrambled out to reach the door.

The mirrors shattered down the hall,

As I ran, beast and all.

The air came up through my throat,

I had no control of the howl I spoke.

Crying out into the night,

I locked myself up in the closet tight.

I pushed the key out through the slats,

And from ceiling flew the bats.

They swooped down on me, tangling my hair,

I swatted at them with a chair.

My body was now horribly transformed,

In my closet, I was now forlorn.

With no friends to sit beside me,

I howled out in agony.

And on a dark and dreary night,

Such as the one just like tonight.

You can hear me howl for my pain,

As the wind carries it through the rain.