Death: The Fallen Angel

an angel fell from heaven's door

and landed upon the broken 'Floor'

to seek a way to redeem deceit

and find the will to face defeat

they used to call him life's best friend

now they say he is the end

of everything that men now hold

but is he, or was he the one that broke the mold?

now his name is sickness and hate

the one who your childen he would have ate

he is not that, and has never been

how can you condemn what you have not seen?

the one you call death is merely a fable

can you not see that this man is not able

to fit the noose around his neck

and be there for every call and beck

he is but a fallen angel, crashed upon this battered 'Floor'

do you understand his plight more?

Yet do not feel pity, now, for him

for now, within, the fire burns dim

he now seeks to gentle you into sleep

so your soul, in turn, will not have to weep