Old man driving.
Old car.
Wrong lane.
Realises late.
Pulls across.
Doesn't look.
Just missed the car in front.
Just missed the car behind.
He slides in.
Car in front slows down.
Cars too close together.
Old man hits brakes.
Car behind hasn't had a chance to back off.
Lane inside empty.
Car behind swerves.
Driver yanks the wheel down.
Only way to avoid hitting him.
Only way to avoid hurting him.
Wheels lock.
Out of control.
Turn into it.
Pump brakes.
Car slows.
Still spinning.
Squeal into kerb.
Car stops as it touches.
Driver shaking.
Driver crying.
Old man doesn't hear.
Old man didn't see.
Too deaf.
Didn't look in mirror.
Could've been fatal.
He wouldn't've known.
Driver shaking.
Driver crying.
Driver stills.
Muscles lock.
Under control.
Turn off tears.
Pumps stop.
Head spinning.
Drive off.