Fireworks - Epilogue

Erazel Cathedral. The early afternoon sunshine trickled softly through the beautiful stained-glass windows, casting golden patterns of light onto the shining wooden benches below. Marble angels watched from the tops of massive carved pillars, looking down on delicate flower arrangements, running up the aisles, encircling the bases of the pillars and spiralling up them. Candles were mixed in amongst the blossoms, with flickering flames barely visible in the sunlight, but pretty nonetheless, and adding to the warm, golden glow that filled the entire cathedral. Hauntingly lovely organ music filled the air as the guests assembled for the ceremony.

High up, two figures stood in the middle of a large balcony, overlooking the main altar at the very front of the cathedral.

"So, how'd it happen?" the smaller figure whispered, not wanting to draw attention to them; they weren't supposed to be there, but his accomplice had insisted on sneaking in to watch.

"Nobody's quite sure...all I could find out for sure was that there was some sort of huge battle during the storm...the King of Brittiana went insane and killed Princess Hikari of Michein...who was out there looking for Prince Tetra; she was supposed to marry him that day, remember. Anyway, then the King turned on the Prince, and Asaire too. It's not known what happened next; the public were told that the King was hit by lightning and killed...I think Asaire used VirgoHoly..."

"That jester killed his king? Holy shit!"

"It was what he deserved." the speaker's eyes grew cold, and he twisted a lock of hair around his finger. "But keep quiet, already! They're staring the ceremony."

The hundreds of guests respectfully rose to their feet in unison, as a single person moved to take their place in front of the altar.

"Can you really believe it's been six years?"


The young king smiled nervously, adjusting the simple golden crown perched on top of shining chocolate-brown hair, that now almost reached the floor. Emerald eyes glanced around at faces he recognised...King Oma of Brittiana, the ring-bearer, had finally taken the throne last year (before that, his mother had ruled the kingdom after his father's mysterious death) His three sisters sat with their mother, who was looking a great deal happier since her husband's death and had a new suitor by her side. The elderly Emperor of Michein had passed away without ever having a second child, but his niece, the new Empress, was proving a worthy replacement.

Tetra's sisters were all there as bridesmaids, while their father watched with an expression of glowing pride. Queen Bheretta had finally succumbed to her illness, and rested peacefully in the royal tombs, surrounded by the flowers that her family and adoring subjects alike still brought to keep her company.

The organ music changed. The taller balcony watcher blinked.

"...That's not the bridal tune thing..."

"Duh. They use the bridal tune for /brides/. Lucky the prince's dad is an understanding sort of bloke."

"Hey, isn't's the tune they were playing in the town square, on Tetra and Hikari's wedding day, remember?"

"All I remember is you getting carried away and us getting arrested for an 'act of public indecency', Cass."

"...Touché. Now shut up, you're making me miss my little brother's wedding." Cassia replied, before turning back to watch the other figure, now walking up the aisle to meet Tetra...

Fireworks - Fin

That was Asaire an' Tetra getting married, in case anyone wasn't sure...I'm a sucker for happy, sugary endings ^ _ ^; (well, some of the time, anyways, and I think this story definitely suited a 'happily ever after' sort of finish)
So, now all that's left for me to do is say a huge, huuuge thankyou to everyone who has read and reviewed this! *huggles everyone* ^ ___ ^