Sunlit Ocean
The wet spray of sea foam makes the ocean breeze seem so much colder on my skin. I breathe in deep; the salty air fills my lungs with a relaxed sort of energy. I yawn and look out over the endless stretch of water, a white-capped green-blue desert. Gulls circle and wheel and dive and shriek; they catch small fish in their beaks and fight and argue over them. The ship plows on ahead, relentless. I do not know where I am going; it doesn't matter. I am on an adventure, an ongoing quest to see all that there is to see. An avian disagreement occurs in the air above me; one gull drops his fish onto the boat's deck; I shoo him away before he can retrieve his fallen morsel. The fish leaps and gasps; it takes me several tries before I can grasp him. I hold him in my hands for a moment, and our eyes connect; he promptly flips out of my hands and overboard, back to his ocean home. I watch the waves pass, leaning as far over the railing as I dare, the water spraying my face. A lone seagull feather drifts in front of me; I grab for it, but it flutters sleepily out of my grasp. It hits the water and is instantly miles away. I stare at the spot where it fell, for hours it seems, but only a minute or two in actuality. It is peaceful here on deck, despite the gulls and the roaring waves; I am alone, and the ocean grants me my solitude. I iwsh to find you, but I cannot pull myself away from the beauty of my companion, the ocean. The rocking of the boat is lulling, I close my eyes and feel the sun's warmth on my cool skin. I yawn. I concentrate on the sounds, the smells, the warmth, breathing, my heartbeat. A rhythmic lullaby. I feel a hand on my arm. I open my eyes with a gasp; it is only you. I smile and wrap my arms around you; you do the same. You're so soft yet solid and supporting. I close my eyes again and snuggle against you; your gentle hands hold me lovingly. I sigh and concentrate; the gulls, the waves, the sun, the rise and fall of your chest, my heartbeat. It is joined by yours; they are synchronized, and at long last, I fall asleep in your arms, and dream of yesterday.