My Dearest Friend,

I love you more than anything.
We beat each other, batter each other -
Man, we nearly kill each other.

Sometimes I can't talk to you
- We've known each other for how long?
And sometimes I don't know how to act.

How much would I do for you?
Anything, more than you think.
And how far would I go for you?
However far it takes.

Of friendships and loneliness,
We both know our share.
But this one -
I think it'll last.

We're going -
It's hard, but we keep on moving.
Just gotta watch your feet,
Gotta watch where you're going.

We'll get lost -
But, together, so it's not so bad.
We'll make it through like we always have.

Fall into step, keep pace.
Don't you worry, we'll make it.
We'll get home in time.

When we clear that last hurdle
And find the crossroads path beyond
You take left, and I'll take right,
And we'll meet on the other side.

TMK 1-26-02