"Wake up man! We'll be there soon." Shaun opened his eyes and grimaced. The sun was shining through the bus window and Wes was grinning down at him.

"How long?"He asked sitting up. He was incredibly nervous to see Summer again. Apart from Wes and Adam she was his best friend. But the feelings he had for her made it hard to know how to act around her. To smile and say 'hello' when all he wanted to do was take her in his arms and kiss her.

"Half an hour maybe… Adam wants to pick Sunny up and then take us home."

"Does she know we're coming? I mean we're a few days earlier then we said." He stood and made his way the bus bathroom, leaving Wes to sit on the sofa where he had fallen asleep and shout out his reply.

"No.. It's meant to be a surprise."

Summer sat on her sofa, in pink plaid Pj bottoms and a black crop top. Her hair was in a messy bun while she ate cereal and watched cartoons. She threw her head back in laughter at a cartoon stunt and sighed when she heard her doorbell go off. Placing her bowl down onto her coffee table, she made for the door of her appartment. She looked at her watch and groaned.

"9.45… who the hell is calling round at this hour?" she asked the air. Hoping it wasn't important as she was yet dressed for the day. She hadn't even had a shower yet. She pulled the door open and looked out. She couldn't see anyone, so she stepped out into the hall and was grabbed from behind. She tried to fight, but couldn't. Before she knew what was happening she was thrown over a broad shoulder into a firemans carry, and heard the door to her appartment being closed. Her capturer started to run down the hall. She kicked and started to yell.

"Help! Someone… please!" when all of a sudden she heard laughter. Familiar laughter. She sighed and waited as two minutes later she was placed on the street. And in front of her, we're her guys. Her three best friends. All with laughter etched into their eyes and threir smiles.

"Oh my god!! You guys! You scared me!" she took a step toward Adam and circled her arms around his neck as she held him tightly too her. He swung her around and kissed her quickly on the lips. Before letting her go. She smiled and jumped into Wes's open arms. He started jumping up and down and she fought to catch her breath from the laughter.

"I've missed you, you goof." She said and gave him a kiss on the cheek as he bounced her one more time and before putting her down and smacking her ass. She jumped from the force and glared at him, when she stopped she found herself in front of Shaun. Looking better then ever. She stared at him as he stared at her, both not sure how to act.

"Hey." He said and smiled. Then turned to walk onto the bus. Before he had fully turned she grabbed his forearm and pulled him back into a tight hug. She leaned into his ear and whispered.

"You're still my best friend. Don't get weird on me." He gave her a quick squeeze, smiled into her eyes and made his way onto the bus. Then before she had time to think, she was being pushed up the stairs and onto their luxurious tour bus.

"So you came to get me before you went home?" she laughed at her friends and sighed. It was so good to have them with her again.

"Well you were on the way…" Adam said and draped an arm around her. They were still on the bus now on route to Adams parents house where the other guys will make their way to their own families. They all sat in the front of the bus, lounged out on the curving sofa seats. Adam, Wes and Summer cauhgt up on the missing months, telling tales of fans and concerts mishaps. Shaun however was writing in his lyric book, listening to the conversation going on with his friends and occasionally stealing glances.

"You're being quiet Shaun." Summer said from opposite him, he shrugged and she sighed.

"So what? Are things gonna be weird because I don't want to go out with you?" she asked and Wes hollered in laughter. That was one of the many things that he loved about her. She said what she wanted, when she wanted. Meanwhile Adam glared at him and sighed. This was one the things he disliked about Summer. She could be very insensitie at times and he feared she didn't know the extent to Shaun's feelings. Shaun tossed his book to the side and faced her.

"It's not that you don't want to go out with me though is it?… it's not because you don't like me… cos see I could handle that. But no… Summer won't go out with me cos she doesn't like my fucking job!" he stood up and ignored the glances he received as he opened the door to the rest of the bus and slammed out of it.

In return she looked at the others and felt tears in her eyes. Everything he said was true, but what hurt was the look in his eyes. The pain and the hurt. And it was all her fault.

"Don't worry about it ok… just let him get over it." She nodded and within the next few minutes, they reaached their destination. She said her goodbyes to Wes and still in her bedclothes, ran to what had become her second home as a child.