By: Kirin Li

Vampires, Werewolves, Ghosts.... These are things that humans think of as 'make believe' or unnatural things. Normal humans like their lives simple, or the way they imagine it should be. Perfect. Some humans believe in the unnatural, and others are scared to death of it. The people that are afraid of the unnatural are better off that way, because they never suspect that their lives are in danger most of the time. Sometimes they're even safe if they have no knowledge of it. But there are others. Humans that believe. Those are the dangerous humans and the humans that are in more danger.

There are different kinds of humans that believe. Hunters, Obsessers, and those who are superstitious. Superstitious humans put themselves in danger, but they also try to stay away. Obsessers are a slight threat to keeping the unnatural world 'mythic'. They are humans that are so obsessed with the unnatural that they go looking for it.

And last, there are Hunters, the most dangerous humans. Humans that hunt the unnatural, mainly the 'creatures of the night'. They got about countries, looking for unnatural creatures. The reason they are the biggest threat to the unnatural world is because they are not all human. They may be mortal, but they have abilities, unlike normal humans. Hunters are mostly consisted of Witches. Good Witches that destroy the unnatural only because it is so.

They go about, listening for any hint about the whereabouts of the hangouts that belong to Vampires. They search for nests of Werewolves. And some witches use their gifts as exorcists that drive away demons and ghosts. But most of them, and their entire blood lines, are Hunters. Thousands of Hunters have been killed because of mistakes or weakness. And with each generation, each ancient and powerful blood lines become weaker, while the blood lines of some Vampires become stronger, and others become larger.