This, in itself, is not poetry of any sort - it's merely my personal definition of what poetry is. This was written for an English project, if you happen to care.

Poetry: a burst of emotion onto an unsuspecting piece of paper, written so that it drags out the reader's imagination and does all sorts of things to it, ultimately leaving the reader in a state of awe and/or confusion, depending on the greatness of the poem, the amount of feeling crammed into the poem by the poet, and the general intellect and good taste of the reader. In short, poetry is a thing created by fishing around in the depths of one's mind and soul and then proceeding to remove all unwanted and unnecessary parts and then continuing to stuff the thought or feeling with colorful details, and once you have your final product, finally mounting it somewhere for all to see and admire. Anyone, whether skilled in the art of taxidermy or not, can be - and is - a poet.