Chapter One

By: Shinga

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Saori Kasahara was not was one would expect a reasonably popular scientist would be. Small, female, roughly in her early twenties, she was rare in her field. She was highly respected by her peers, and she knew what she was doing. However, she was still looked down upon because of her age. Most of the older, more experiances scientists figured she didn't know what she was doing.

This was one of those times. Saori stood on a platform in front of a small group of people, fellow scientists to be more specific. She has square, screen-sized holograms behind her. About five of them, each showing either a picture of information. The pictures displayed the human head from several angles, and a certain part of it circled, where a small computer chip could be seen inside the head.

"I do sincerely believe that this chip, or formula, is used by the Yu to deaden the nerves inside the human body," Saori was saying, trying to ignore the sceptical looks. "Otherwise, the injections and the implants would certainly kill them."

One of the scientists, an older man in his forties, rolled his eyes. "Dr. Kasahara, I find it hard to believe you could get this kind of information with only a few months' study," He said. "Exactly how did you get this information?"

Saori looked down slightly and blushed." Actually... it isn't concrete... yet... but," She looked up. "it's a theory with good reason, I believe. How else did all these humans survive the transformation from human to Yu? It would be impossible if they--"

The man sighed. "Dr. Kasahara, with all due respect, I really don't think we should take this into consideration without more evidence. A theory is all well and good, but not enough to start my scientists on. It's a waste of money."

At this Saori's well-known temper rose and she stepped forward, raising her voice. "But doctor, don't you see? If this is true, and the chip or formula inside the Yu brain can be disabled, then defeating the Yu would be much simpler!"

Another man, younger and seeming intent on stopping an arguement, spoke up "I for one think if we have more evidence, or reasonable accounts for your theory, that it would be a very good thing to research into."

"But we don't have that kind of time!" Saori said to him. "The Yu are slowly but surely taking over this planet! Soon all that will be left of our race is memories trapped inside the Yu central computer. What kind of future is that for humans?"

"We all share your concerns, Doctor," The first man said, holding up his hand. "but we need more ground to stand on. Right now it's only thin ice. I admit, we need anything, anything at all, even if it's desperate, to defeat the cyborgs from controling us. But we have our scientists busy already with more concrete forms of action. Not loose theories from a scientist who's no older then my daughter."

The rest of the men lightly chuckled at that. Yes, it was an ongoing joke about Saori and her age. The young scientist's face flushed slightly.

The first man shook his head a smiled, standing up. "This meeting is over, Dr. Kasahara," He announced. "We will meet again with you have something for us."

"Yes sir," Said Saori stiffly.

Saori watched the men walk out of the room, leaving her alone with her holograms. She sighed and pushed a small button on the podium, disabling the pictures. She picked up her bags, placing the hologram chip inside. She muttered to the computer to turn the lights off as she walked out of the room. She sighed again as she started down the hallway. But a voice behind her stopped her...

"I watched the whole thing," Said Takashi Sano.

Saori whipped around in surprise. "Takashi!" She exclaimed, smiling. "I thought you went to some meeting in Genshu."

Takashi shook his head gravely. "It was canceled," He looked at her with meaning. "There was another Yu attack."

Saori gasped. "Was anyone taken? Or hurt?"

"Minor injuries for most of the employees, and they're cleaning lady is missing. They're not sure is she was taken, or just ran off."

Saori frowned deeply and looked down. "I wish the human race wasn't so helpless."

Takashi put his large hands on Saori's small shoulders and offered a smile. "Don't worry. I back your theory up all the way. Those guys are crazy not to look into it."

Saori looked up, blushing. "You really think so?"

"Of course," He smiled. "After all... I helped with the project, so it can't be all bad."

Saori giggled and nudged him with her shoulder. "Oh you," She smiled affectionately.

Takashi chuckled. "So are you available for dinner this evening?" He winked. "Or are you planning to stay in some dark room alone, surrounded by nothing but experiments, trying to figure out how to save the world?"

"Well, yes," Saori said, returning the jesting tone. "But I think that can wait until after dinner."

Takashi offered his arm. "Shall we?"

Saori blushed and smiled, then took his arm. They walked down the hallway together, without another word on the Yu project.


Sada was crouched behind a mildew-stained desk in a dark building. The building itself was abandoned, a perfect hideout for the Yu. She cocked her gun quietly, and quickly swept the room with her blazing yellow eyes

Her partner, Ayami was sitting across the room within eye contact. She caught Sada's eye and gave a quick nod.

Sada nodded back. "NOW!" She yelled, jumping up from her spot, gun aimed.

Roughly ten other people wearing similar uniforms as Sada and Ayami, all of them in various places spread around the first and second floor. The second floor had a huge hole in the floor, the ceiling of the first floor, so they had more or less been combined. They all aimed their guns at the two cyborgs in the center of the room.

Sada stepped closer to then, her gun raised. "Surrender now, Yu, or it's the end of the line."

Ayami's voice was heard in her ear piece. "Watching those twentieth century action movies, Sada?"

Sada growled back.

The first cyborg spoke in monotone. "We were expecting you."

One of the men on the second floor looked into a small moniter, and expression of horror on his face. "Sada! There's more! About a dozen! They're--"

No more was uttered, for at that moment roughly a dozen cyborgs came crashing from behind the officers. They're empty eyes glowed with an emotionless rage.

Ayami screamed. "It's a trap!"

"Attack!" Sada replied, beginning to fire her weapon on the cyborgs.

"Sada, no!" Ayami cried. "We can't win!"

The Yu cyborgs had began to viciously and mercilessly slaughter Sada and Ayami's fellow officers. Sada looked up in time to see this. Her bright gold eyes widened, her body frozen in shock.

Ayami screamed.

Sada whipped around to see her friend with two Yu on either side. Ayami couldn't escape. "Ayami!" She cried.

One of the cyborgs injected something by needle into Ayami's thin neck. She let out a painful moan and passed out cold. The second cyborg remained emotionless as he took a gun attached to his arm and fired at her limp body. She slowly faded into ashes lying on the cold floor.

"NO!" Sada screamed. "Ayami!"

Before she could move to try and avenge her partner, she felt a gun barrel against the back of her head, lightly pushing her wild orange hair aside. She froze.

The first Yu she had talked to spoke, "Your operation was unsuccessful," He said.

Immediatly as he fired, the building, the cyborgs and everything dissappeared to a dead white nothing. All the dead officers instantly stood up and all turned to glare at Sada in something like annoyance.

Ayami finally spoke, "Third time this week, Sada," She said a bit reprovingly. "At this rate you won't even make it into Grade B!"

"I know!" Sada shouted, looking away from everyone. "I know."

A door opened from the empty white nothing. A professer with a light grey overcoat and long brown hair walked in. He looked at Sada calmly.

"Well, Sada," He said emotionlessly. "That's three times the Yu have tricked you... with the same trick." He closed his eyes and pursed his already thin lips. "And this is only a hologram. If it was the real thing, you just cost the lives of ten officers. We've discussed this. You're too-- "

Sada crossed her arms. "Arrogant, I know," She frowned darkly. "I just figured maybe you'd have thought up a new program for the Yu battle hologram."

"Well, this is the only battle technique that's been witnessed being used by the Yu. We're trying to be realistic."

Sada said nothing, simply frowned more.

The professer spoke to the rest of the students. "All of you, this is your last class for the day, you may now go."

The students piled out of the almost invisible door. Sada didn't move, and didn't make eye contact with the rest of them. Ayami joined her.

"Sada, you need to pass this! Graduation to the higher grade is in exactly one month! I don't want to pass if you don't."

"I'll pass," Sada assured, looking into her friend's green eyes. "I'm just not a good leader, that's all. If you notice, I do fine if some one else is in charge."

They walked out of the hologram program and into the normal classroom. Sada and Ayami paused at the doorway.

"A few of us are going to the gaming area in the west side, area two- five. You want to come?" Ayami asked with a cheerful smile.

Sada paused for a minute. Finally, she shook her head and avoided eye contact. Her face was grim. "No thanks. I need to practice so I can pass this thing. I'll join you later maybe."

Ayami decided not to argue. She nodded and ran off.

Sada closed the door.

"Staying again today?" Asked the professer, leaning against a wall and staring at the student girl.

"I need to practice."

The professer frowned deeply. "I remember our deal as well as anything, Sada. You don't need to practice anything."

"Our deal," Sada said coldly, turning to him. "Is irrelevant. I know I can be stronger, and I need to be."

"Sada," Said the man kindly. "Sada, you're already stronger then I've ever seen any human being be. It's been at least twenty years since I saw one with your potential."

Sada frowned. "Since the Seeds?"

He nodded.

"I can be a strong fighter," Sada said. "Right now I'm just what you said... some one with potential. I'm carrying it out."

The professer sighed. "Very well." He stepped aside so Sada could reach the hologram room.

Sada strode past him and walked into the completely white, empty room. She felt a bit of a chill... she liked being alone, but the eery silence and strange white always made her uncomfortable.

"Now," She said loudly.

The hologram flickered slightly, finally coming into view was the same abandoned building she and her fellow students had practiced in. This time, however, there were at least thirty Yu cyborg standing in an army across from her.

"Ten more then last time," Sada said flately.

She heard the professer's voice in the ear piece. "Can you handle it?

Sada smirked. "Just say the word."

There was an eerie silence. Then, "Go."

All the Yu at once started toward her, eyes glowing with the empty rage all the Yu naturally felt. They were faster then before, more terrifying and determined to kill then before. Sada stood calmly, blocking their attempts at her with impossible speed and precise aim. She straigtened her hand and was able to slice one of the cyborg's arm clear off with nothing but the butt of her hand. Sada began to walk through the crowd, still attacking and blocking without expression on her young face. It was only a few seconds before she reached the other side of the room. Now past them, they all lay on the floor, bodies dismantled and broken... all of them dead. Sada stood, jaw tight and breath calm

The hologram flickered off to the blank white space again. Sada turned her head as the professer walked in. He was grim.

"You see my point," He said. "There was no challenge. Together with the other nine students, you couldn't defeat fourteen. Alone, you defeated thirty. Without a weapon."

"And all I ever feel is the adrenaline," She smirked. "I'll gladly take on another twenty."

"Not today," He smiled. "Actually, I was wondering if you'd do me a favor."

Sada turned to him, and eyebrow raised. "What kind of favor?"

"My material transmittor seems to be broken, and I need these delivered to the docking bay, ship ninety-six-two." He handed her the manilla folder tucked under his arm.

Sada took the folder. "I don't suppose you'll tell me if I ask you why."

He merely smiled. "I need you to hurry, the ship's leaving in about five minutes for the jungle around the Janguru village."

"I'll get it there in time." She turned and left him alone in the room. He stared after her for a moment, then a satisfied smirk played on his face.


Sada reached the docking bay in barely two minutes. She was examining the different ships with a frown on her face. She spotted a man in pilot uniform and walked up to him.

"Where the ship numbered ninety-six-two?" She asked.

He pointed to the small carrier ship right in front of him. "It's getting ready to leave." He warned as she began her way up the ladder into the ship.

"Yeah I know," She called.

"Ma'am, wait!" The man said. "They're taking off--"

"Just give me a minute, will you?!" Sada shouted at him, slamming the ship door behind her. The ladder tipped backward and fell to the ground.

The man looked bewildered.


Sada very quietly made her way to the cockpit and opened the door carefully, as not to distract the two pilots too much. She opened her mouth to tell them she was there, when she heard the rumbling of the engine. She was almost immediatly thrown back to the back of the ship. She was about to scream, but her back slammed against the wall, knocking the wind out of her. She dropped the folder, the papers from it flying everywhere.

She moaned and opened her eyes to catch glimpse of the first page.

Her eyes widened considerable. She spoke quietly, to herself, "M..mission to Janguru jungles to investigate possible Yu infiltration..." She gasped. "This is a Yu mission?!"

One of the two pilots spoke, but not to her. "Entering the atmosphere."

The room became very ride and the ride a little bumpy. Sada realized this must not be one of the newer models, for most of them had nearly no trouble going through planet atmospheres. Something flew back from the cockpit toward Sada. She didn't see what it was until it sliced into her arm. She cried out loudly without thinking.

The first pilot whipped around to look at her. "What... who the hell are you?!"

Sada scowled. "The delivery boy."

He frowned and turned to the second pilot. "Student on board... we have to go back."

The second pilot turned and looked at Sada. He shook his head. "Too late now. Ten seconds to landing."

The first man glared at Sada. "You'd better hope the Yu attack is only a rumor."

"I can handle myself."

"Somehow I doubt that," The man chuckled and turned back to his controls as they manuavered the ship for landing.

The ship landed smoothly and the two pilots opened the side door and stepped out into the jungles. Sada stood to follow, but the first pilot turned to her.

"You stay here," He said sharply. "Can't risk you getting in the way."

"Like hell I'll get in the way!" Sada snapped. "You need another fighter out there... this is the Yu we're dealing with--"

"Just stay in the ship, delivery boy."

They walked off into the dark green underbrush, leaving Sada sitting in the open door of the ship, her face contorted in something like rage.

"Something tells me those pathetic guns won't help you much." Sada growled as she leaned against the doorway. She stared out into the jungle, actually admiring the look of it. She had spent the past two years in the Police Academy in space, and they never had many plants, only artificial ones. The jungle was buzzing with creatures, many she could not see, only hear.

Sada was just thinking about closing the door to escape the very thick air when she heard what she was almost hoping she wouldn't... screaming. She knew immediatly that it was the two pilots.

Feeling a small jolt of panic, Sada leapt from her seat in the ship, landing on the mossy ground of the jungle. She looked up to see small patches of black sky through the trees. She choked on her own breath as she ran toward where the two men had gone.

It was barely any workout to get to where they had gone. She came into a small clearing to find the two pilots laying on the ground motionless. Judging from the blood and mangled skin, Sada didn't even have to check... they were dead. She even saw something that looked disturbingly like open skin on the first man's chest, seeing into the ripped red muscle and completely motionless heart, with a gaping slash down it.

She wasn't disturbed too much or frightened. In fact, she merely jerked her head to see if the attackers were still around.

It seemed her training almost hadn't been enough. She felt the familiar gun barrel against the back of her head.

Sada's breath caught in her throat. She froze.

A moment passed, then a very confused voice came from behind her. "Human?" It asked.

"Scanners... no," Said another confused voice.

The gun barrel slipped away. Sada still didn't move, and it seemed she couldn't breath. She knew there was at least two Yu behind her. They spoke again, sounding confused.

"She is one of us," Said the second Yu. "Leave her."

Sada heard the Yu walking off into the jungle brush. She exhaled deeply, slumping her shoulders as all of her muscles relaxed. But after this moment of relief, she tensed again. She narrowed her eyes. The Yu hadn't killed her... because she was 'one of them'?

A very large noise jerked the police student to her senses. She turned abruptly toward where she had just come from. It took her a moment to realize... "The ship!" She screamed as she rushed back toward where the two pilots had landed.

She froze in shock, staring at the small ship... in flames. It was obvious the Yu had destroyed it... Sada stared, breathing heavily as the reality slowly sank into her...

She was trapped on Earth.


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