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Warning: Yaoi!

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By the way Australians start a new grade in the beginning of the year. Not in the middle of the year like Americans.


January 30th 1997

Location: Bedroom

Time: 10:00pm

I know I feel really silly about starting a diary...wait I'll call it a journal since diary sounds so girly. The reason why this journal is getting written is because I'm starting at a new high school in Sydney, Australia! Sounds cool huh? Well not really because I'm so nervous I don't think that sleep will come to me at all tonight.

Oh yeah, I haven't even introduce myself yet! My name is Allen Kenji Prince and I just moved to Australia 4 weeks ago because my dad got a co. director position in some big company I could care less about. By the way I'm half Asian, mum is Japanese and dad is American. Mum died when she was giving birth to Aaron 11 years ago it must had been pretty sad but I just couldn't really remember much of it since I was only 5. Well I'm 16 now and sadly to say I'm so shy that the only woman I know is Jenna my older sister who is in Uni.

Embarrassing huh? But I don't mind, I still think I'm too young to be in a relationship so I'll probably wait until I'm in Uni. Gosh! It's 10:30 so soon? I better hurry, the school I'm going to a school called Brodena High and I'm starting in year 11. It's a private school and it's Co-ed and that's all I know about it so far. That is all for tonight, I'll try and keep account of happens tomorrow and hopefully there will be a lot to tell.

January 31st 1997

Location: Bedroom table

Time: 10:30

Well the least to say my day was really unexpected. For one I was late for school because I overslept and had to catch the taxi since I missed my bus and that is not the only thing I missed! I missed my breakfast too. After I stepped off the taxi and walked into my school the first thing that went inside my head was that my school is huge, gigantic, enormous, how am I ever going to find my way to the office?!? I was starting to panic and in my rush I accidentally ran into someone and we both landed on the floor with me on top. The next thing I realized was I stared into a pair of emerald green eyes, which widen in confusion. Just then I realized I was on top of a young man and the position we were in...Well, lets just say thank God there was no one who saw us.

"I'm so sorry!" I said as I quickly got off him and pulled him up. I noticed- well it was rather hard not to notice that he got the most blondest hair that I had ever saw and to my embarrassment he was way taller than me too! I'm so short only about 170 cm in height and I've lost hope that I might still get a growth spurt at this age.

He stared at me for a while then said, "What nationality are you?"

I laughed at that, it was usually the first thing people ask about me when I meet them. Most people get asked, "What is your name?" Or "Who are you?" But for me it's always, "What nationality are you?"

"I'm half Japanese and American," I answered smiling politely. He nodded then started to walk away. I stared in confusion for a while, I mean what kind of a person would just ask you what nationality you are and just walk off without even asking what your name is? Maybe I damaged his brains or something.

Before I could stop myself I ran in front of him and blocked his way.

He looked at me and I never saw someone with a face that expressionless, I mean he is very good-looking but the way he carry himself made people hard to approach him. He doesn't say anything, waiting for me to explain myself for blocking his way.

I suddenly felt nervous and I couldn't find anything to say but then the bell started to ring and I remember I don't know where the office is.

"Can you please show me where is the office?" I asked.

He started walking and for a moment I thought he was just going to leave but then he turned around and said, "Are you coming or not?"

I smiled, "Thank you!" relief flooded me now that at least I can get to the school office in one piece. I tried to strike up a conversation while walking but I might as well talk to a rock with the good it did to this guy here. This was basically how the conversation went.

Me: Wait up, don't walk so fast! So what is your name?

Rock: Ian Jackson.

Me: Well my name is Allen Kenji Prince. So what interest do you have?

Ian: None.

Me: … what do you do?

Ian: I'm a student, I go to school.

Me: …I know that but what I mean is-forget it. (Thinks: is this guy for real?) So who do you hang out with?

Ian: Eric Milderson, Mike Deans and Nicholas Summer.

Me: They must be really nice people right?

Ian: Yes and no.

Me: What do you mean?

Ian: …you would know soon enough.

Me: I see…Hey do you want to-

Ian: That's the office. (Walks off)

Me: I sure hope not all Australians are like that.

So after I greeted Principle Greenwood, a balding old man but friendly I hurried off to first period which happens to be maths. The worst subject in the world or maybe it's just that I'm not good at it.

I knocked on the classroom door then took a deep breath and opened it.

"Ah, you must be a new student," said a tall man with brown hair who is now my maths teacher. "My name is Mr William Corner but you can call me William or sir or whatever but don't call my last name. People tend to make fun of it," he flashed a glare to the back of the room but gave me a friendly smile. William pushed me up to the front of the class and told me to introduce myself.

I could feel that my cheeks are burning when I saw everyone was looking at me with interest and curiosity on their faces. Hesitantly I talked a bit about myself and answered some of their questions. The classroom was quite big and there were a few empty chairs on different tables. I couldn't decide where to sit!

"Hey Allen, come and sit here," said a friendly voice. I turned and saw a guy with red hair sitting near the window pointing to an empty seat. I was just about to go to him when suddenly someone stood up. The whole class stopped talking and all eyes were towards the back of the room. I followed their glances towards the back table and saw Ian sitting next to the guy who was standing up. That was when I realized that there were four people at the back table, all of them were the most handsome men I have ever seen. They were like people in magazines or commercials or movies! I focused my attention on the guy was standing up. He was looking at me but there was something I don't like about him. The way he carry himself makes him look like a King and I hate people who looks down on others.

My number one motto: Look down on others and I would look down on you.

He smirked and ran a hand through his thick black hair knowing how it makes people admire him more. Well I think that all the girls and half the guys were basically drooling and the others were looking at him with admiring faces.

"Hi Allen, welcome to Brodena High," he walked towards me standing so tall. "My name is Eric Milderson and maybe you would like to sit with people more closer to your standards," He looked at the guy by the window who turned red. I was pissed, how dare he think so up himself! It makes me want to shake him and knock him back into his senses, not that he has any to begin with.

I glared at him then said, "Sorry but my standards are very high," with that I walked past him and sat in the empty seat next the red head.

The red hair looked at me like he couldn't believe what I just did then smiled.

"My name is Bradley Sinatina but you can just call me Brad," he smiled. He looks like a little kid when he smiles and he got light freckles on his nose. His clear blue eyes are full of humor and I immediately liked him.

The class went on though people are giving me funny looks but I could care less.

However at lunchtime it was really starting to worry me, everywhere I went people whispered and looked. I sat with Brad and his friends, they are all really nice people. I was discussing when can I try out for 100m sprint when the announcer went on.

"Good day, Brodena High and here is the daily gossip from the Gossip Queen Elena!" an overexcited voice boomed on the speaker. " Guess what? Rick Mclean just broke up with Shannon Striker after he caught her kissing with Nicholas Summer. The playboy probably kissed more than 100 girls by now I think!"

"Mysterious Ian was late to maths today, he is never late on any occasion so what was holding him up?"

I blushed when I heard that Ian was late because of me.

Mental Note: Apologize to Ian for making him so late. Must do it tomorrow.

"And what surprising news! Is it me or did a handsome prince in shiny armor made his way into Brodena High? Allen Kenji Prince is the prettiest little angel I had ever saw! Are your you single Allen? Can I marry you? By the way, why did you reject The Prince's proposal? Something about your standards is very interesting after you rejected the most popular guy in school."

I was fully choking on my food after I heard the last bit. I was so embarrassed that I wished I could turn back time and rejected Eric Milderson a little gentler so it wouldn't create such a big scene. But I never really knew that his nickname was called The Prince in school. Guess he must be really popular.

So after last period I was waiting for the bus still thinking about what the Gossip Queen said. I never really thought of myself as good looking even though so many people look at me funny when I say that. I didn't really know what bus did I catch so I must have looked pretty lost.

"Hey Allen!" I turned and saw Eric in a black Ferrari. "I was wondering if you need a ride?

I pretended not to see him and asked the guy next to me where is bus 345. To my disappointment the bus was cancelled.

Eric smirked and I knew I had notice but to take his offer.

"Thanks," I said as I went into the car.

"So where did you use to live?" he asked

"New York City. Turn right here," I said giving him the directions.

"Would you like to go to a party on this Saturday?" he asked while turning a corner.

I'm not much of a party person but I thought that way I can know more people.

"Where?" I asked.

"At Nicholas's place. I can pick you up if you want?" he asked.

"I'll think about it," was my answer.

Finally we pulled up at my place, I was just about to get out when suddenly Eric pulled me very close.

"What are you doing?" I said feeling very uncomfortable. He was staring into my eyes with his own and for a second I was stunned at how good he looked. Eric leaned closer as if to kiss me but that's when I snapped out of it and pushed him away.

I got out of the car and feeling the unsteady beat of my heart. The first thing I was thinking was that I'm not gay! Second was why the hell did I nearly let a guy kiss me! Third was should I thank him for the ride or punch him for hitting on me?

I turned looking at him confused, but I never expected that his expression was almost the same as mine. Shocked and confused.

"I'm sorry, I need to go," he said unsteadily before speeding off in his Ferrari.

I so confused now! There is no way I can like a guy! No way!

Ahhh! It's 12:30 already! I wrote so much! Well that's all for today, I need to go to sleep.


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