Chapter 29


Yakumi growled, "This will be the end, then.  I knew it would come to this, but I hoped to change that."

            "You know very well that you have brought this upon yourself," Isis chimed in.  "We will seal this part of you again so that it will never reappear."

            "Very well," Yakumi said.  "But my legacy lives on.  I will not go before I do a little damage."  Yakumi began to weave a powerful spell.  She chanted, added hand movements, fed her energy into the spell.

            "A binding spell if useless at this point," Osiris said.

            "Oh, it's not for you," Yakumi replied, pausing from her voiced chanting but not mentally.  "It's for your children… and their children and all the children who will ever descend from your line.  May they never know what strength they will possess."

            Isis turned and nodded to Osiris.  They faced each other, putting palms together, making a circle of themselves.  In one voice they chanted:

            "Bury that which should not rise,

             Tame that which has grown wild,

             Cleanse that which has turned evil

 Send that which has been cleansed, tamed, and buried back from whence it came, never to be released…"

            The two repeated this short prayer several times.  Yakumi's expression twisted, almost as if she were in pain.  She concentrated on the binding spell until she felt her personality begin to crumble.  She would not have time to finish.  As she fell to the ground her fur disappeared and her face changed back to the one that had greeted Takmet only days ago.  Her hair slowly began to turn white, the color creeping out of it starting at the ends.

            Yakumi clenched her teeth as her dark personality called out for help.  The whiteness crept up until it reached her scalp.  She let out a captive breath and her expression softened as she closed her eyes.  As she opened them black eye decorations faded onto her skin and red eye shadow appeared as if collected from the air.  Isis and Osiris stopped chanting, its purpose fulfilled.

            "Go home," Osiris said.  "Your punishment will be forthcoming, Hathor.  Ra will deal out your justice."

            "I deserve the wrath that will be lashed upon me."  The woman who had been Yakumi bowed her head and faded away with a gust of wind.

            Osiris sighed.  "What trouble she has caused!"  He looked around at the demolished throne room.  "This has to be fixed."  He put his hand to the ground and closed his eyes.  The pillar they were on rumbled and then they felt it descend.  The others that were floating descended as well, fitting neatly back into their place in the ground.

            Isis raised her hands and the fallen stones from the ceiling replaced themselves.  The pile Chloe sat against removed itself as well.  When it did so she fell over, sleeping.  Soon the throne room was back to its original design.            Osiris and Isis stood together.

            "I was so looking forward to at least a seventy year break," Osiris sighed.  "Nothing can be done about that now."

            Isis smiled. "Not I.  You know I can't stand to be apart from you."

            "Even for a mere seventy years?"

            "Even for a mere seventy years," Isis replied, smiling.

            Rei, who had been watching the two of them, stepped forward, a crying Ami in her arms.  "Takmet?" she asked hesitantly.

            Osiris turned.  "Your brother will return shortly.  His will is strong."

            "Oh my…Osiris!"  Rei gasped.

Suddenly Hotep came jogging in yelling,  "Takmet! It's Marton…"  He cut off his raving and stopped dead when he saw the man in front of him.  "Holy shit!  Osiris!" he exclaimed, more than a little surprised.  He dropped to his knees.  "Excuse the intrusion.  Do you know where Takmet is?"

He felt Takmet's fondness for this man as a friend, and so acted as a friend would.  "I am Takmet," Osiris replied. 

            Hotep looked up, flabbergasted.  "What the hell—I mean, what did you say?"

            "I am Takmet."  He took Hotep by the shoulders and stood him up.  "No need to bow.  I'm just inhabiting Takmet's body for a moment or two more."

            "If you're Takmet, then who's that?"  He pointed to the beautiful woman watching with intent green eyes.

            "My wife, Isis.  You know her better as Sasaki, I believe."

            Hotep's jaw dropped.  "You're kidding…"

            Isis wrinkled her brow.  "I could take that as an insult to my regular half…  I would be careful with your implications."  Isis smiled playfully.  She snapped her fingers, igniting a flame.

            Hotep swallowed.  "No, I mean I can't believe that you're…umm….you know, forget I said anything."

            Osiris smiled.  Isis loved playing with people's words.

            "Anyway," Hotep continued somberly, "Marton is dying.  He wanted to speak to Takm—I mean you before he goes…"

            Isis put her arm around Osiris' waist.   "We will go to him."  She looked up at him sadly.  The mage meant a lot to their counterparts.

            "He's in the physician's quarters."

            "Thank you," Osiris said right before he and Isis disappeared.

            They reappeared next to Marton's bed to the astonishment of the medicine man.  Marton, however had been expecting them.

            "Ah, Isis and Osiris have finally been reborn in the flesh," he smiled weakly.  He lay in bed, one arm missing and great slash marks no doubt under all the wrappings on his chest.  "It's not as bad as it looks.  The venom will kill me before I bleed to death."

            "I…I don't know what to say," Isis whispered.  Her eyes watered, but they did not overflow.

            "That's Sasaki talking," the mage smiled.

            Osiris looked frustrated.  "I wish I could help you, but Anubis will have his minions here soon.  I hear them already."  He paused.  "I am sorry I can't interfere with his work.."

            "Don't you worry.  I understand.  I just wanted to see you two before I go."  He paused looking at the couple.  "I'll miss you two," he said, addressing Sasaki and Takmet.  Then to the gods, "You take care of my family, or I'll be there to start some trouble, when you get back.."  he winked and sighed.

            Isis knelt and took his hand. "May your path to the underworld be a smooth one," she whispered.  As she said so she felt his spirit leave that realm.  Her tears overflowed then and she sought comfort in Osiris' embrace.  He transported them both back to the throne room, leaving the physician in a state of shock.

            They reappeared next to Hotep.  "He's gone," Osiris said flatly.

            Ami, Rei, and Hotep remained respectfully silent.  Then Hotep noticed Chloe in the background.  He gave Rei a fearful look.  "What happened?"

            Rei shook her head.  "We lost Mandi.  Chloe is only injured and not terribly.  She's sleeping."

            "Oh, that's right," Isis said, carefully wiping the tears from her face.  "I'd better do this now."  She disengaged from Osiris and went to where Mandi's body lay.  She placed her hands on it and closed her eyes.  "Go back and live your life without these memories.  Without your friend from the moment you arrived in Egypt."  Mandi's body faded out of sight.  Next she went to Eric's body.  She did the same to him after kissing him on the forehead.  "You still have some power in you.  Memories of this girl that was never supposed to be will not hinder your life any further.  Live it again, from where you left off."  His body faded into the expanse of time.

            Isis got up slowly and smiled.  "I am done here.  Let's let them take over again."

            Osiris nodded.  He turned back to Hotep, Rei, and Ami.  "Farewell.  We will always be here, so do not hesitate to ask our assistance if there is any need for it."  He smiled as Isis stood next to him.

            Their appearance simply faded away.  Their eyes returned to their natural colors. Sasaki's hair returned, and the eye decorations disappeared as did Osiris' headdress. 

            Takmet and Sasaki were back.  But they fainted as soon as they returned.  Rei caught Sasaki and Hotep caught Takmet before they fell completely to the ground.  The wounds they had received before returned.  Sasaki's shoulder was reopened and Takmet's arms were scored from Yakumi's wings.  They were both out cold from the effort of fighting and being controlled by the gods that lived within them.

            "Isn't this nice of them?" Hotep asked sarcastically.  "Sure, don't heal them after they let you walk around in their bodies…" he muttered.  "Some gods."

            "Don't say anymore, Hotep," Rei warned, smiling.  "They don't like to be insulted."  She looked down at Sasaki's still bleeding shoulder.  "They need the physician, and fast."

            Hotep agreed.  "Grab Chloe, too."

            Rei raised a finger and Chloe's sleeping form raised from the floor and followed the genie. 

            Hotep winced when he saw the injury.  "Ouch.  That must've hurt." 

He picked up Takmet and Rei carried Sasaki with Chloe trailing to the palace doctor.  There they were attended to by the physician himself rather than his apprentice, which wandered around the groups of military that were wounded.


            They slept an entire day before Takmet woke.  He sat up, disoriented.  Then he grimaced at the pain in his arms and the ache across his whole body.  The young Egyptian glanced to his right.  Sasaki was next to him.  The only clothing she wore were the bandages on her upper body, concentrated over her shoulder.

 He sighed.  They had done it.  Takmet remembered what had happened afterwards.  He had no idea that Sasaki was so beautiful in the light of Isis' own beauty.  He smiled, kissing her on the forehead softly before he laid back down, still weary.  Again he slept.

            It took them both a week to fully recover.  The gods in them obviously sped up their return to health somewhat.  After a week in bed they hadn't missed much.  The pharaoh came to see them and thank them for what they had done.  Chloe and Ami came to see them as well.

            "You guys did great," Chloe said.  "Thanks for looking out for me," she smiled at Takmet.

            "Same to you," he replied.

            Rei walked into the room.  "Are you ready to go home?"

            Chloe and Ami turned, shocked at what she had asked.  "I thought you couldn't," they said together.

            "I can with their help," Rei said, looking at Sasaki and Takmet.

            "You bet," Chloe said.  She smiled sadly.  "But you'll be staying. Won't you, Sasaki?"

            "Sasaki nodded slowly.  "I belong here.  The least I can do is help you two get back."

            "We'll get our stuff, then," Ami said, unenthused.

            The two future girls gathered the few belongings they had.  They all went to the throne room with Sasaki and Takmet fully recovered to bid the pharaoh farewell.

            "I wish you would not leave so soon," he said.

            "We've stayed away too long as it is," Chloe explained.

            "You guys ready, then?" Rei asked.

            Chloe nodded.  Rei looked at Sasaki.  She technically had one wish left.  This is what she would use it for.

            Hotep smiled.  "I'm sure I'll see you again," Hotep smiled at Chloe.

            Before she had time to think about what he said, Sasaki made her wish to return the girls to their own time.  She and Takmet concentrated as Rei directed the spell.

            The two girls disappeared.

            "Goodbye…" Sasaki whispered, but smiling.  A tear dripped down her cheek.


            Chloe and Ami found themselves on a bus.  It was hot and the sun shone brightly off the sand.

            "What's the matter, Chloe?" a familiar voice asked.  Chloe turned to faced Mandi.  Her faced paled.

            "What?" Mandi asked.

            "You—you died!" Chloe accused her.

            Mandi gave her a look.  "You must've had a nightmare."

            Ami looked at Chloe.  Maybe it all Had been a dream.  But there was no Sasaki on the bus.  It wasn't possible.

            The bus pulled in to see their guide waiting.  Chloe's jaw dropped.  Eric was still alive.  "Sasaki must have had something to do with this," Chloe told Ami.

            "Who's Sasaki?" Mandi asked, overhearing them.

            Chloe looked at her.  "I can't believe you don't remember," she sighed.

            They got off the bus again, unpacked their things again, lay down to sleep again.  Only this time it was three to a room.  And this time it was Chloe who went out the window.  She changed quickly and left even quicker.  All that time in the spacious palace must have given her temporary claustrophobia.

            It was dark outside, but the stars seemed to smile at Chloe.  She felt much better out in the open.  She walked towards the pyramids.  In her line of sight there were no lights, and the night reminded her of the palace again.  She sighed as she stood looking, missing Sasaki's words, her personality.

            Suddenly she heard a familiar voice.  "Nice night, isn't it, Choe?"

            She stiffened and opened her hand, igniting a small blue flame.  She turned and gasped, putting the flame out immediately.

            "I see you can still do some of your tricks here," he smiled.  "The name's Vincent, or Vinnie for short.  But you can call me Hotep it makes you more comfortable."  He winked and held out his hand.

            She took it, still disbelieving.  "How?"

            "Oh, everyone has past lives.  I just happen to know about mine.  I dreamt about it for years without realizing it.  Especially in the last few days, where you showed up."  He paused.  "I decided to come meet you "again" as it were."  He grinned.

            "So…" Chloe hesitated.  "Vinnie, is it?  I think I liked Hotep better."

            Vinnie smiled and said thoughtfully, "You appeal much more to me now than you did to Hotep then."

            Chloe blushed.  That was something she had never heard in all her experience as a flirt.

            "Don't get me wrong.  Hotep was attracted to you near the end… but I know what type of life you live.  What people do here and there are so totally different.  I have a better frame of reference than what Hotep had."

            Chloe smiled, regaining her composure.  "Really?  I must say, a guy coming after me is very new."

            "With that in mind may I ask if you would be interested in going out with me sometime?"

            Chloe paused and then smiled.  "You bet."  She thought for a moment.  "Why do you remember all of this and Eric doesn't?"

            "Your friend must have done something.  He won't ever remember, at least I don't think so.  Same for… Mandi was it?"

            Chloe nodded, then sighed.  "Then only you, me, and Ami will know?"

            "Pretty much."


            Sasaki looked at the empty space for a while.  She then turned to Takmet and rested her head against his chest.

            "They made it," she whispered.

            Takmet put his arm around her.  "Yes they did.  May they live the rest of their lives in peace."  He glanced at Hotep, who had a strange smile on his face.  "Hotep?  You okay?"

            He looked up.  "Oh, just fine," he answered.  He took a breath and slapped Takmet on the back as he passed.  "Why don't you two get a room, huh?" he whispered.

            Takmet tripped him on his way out.  Hotep chuckled as he exited the throne room.  Takmet smiled.

            Seti smiled as well.  "You are all excused.  Go about your business."

            Rei, Takmet, and Sasaki left the room.  Rei sighed.  "What am I to do now?  I don't have a master."

            "I'll get Hotep to open your bottle," Sasaki smiled.

            "That'll work," Rei said.

            When they got to Takmet's room, Rei kept on going.  "This is your stop," she grinned.  "I'll be wandering for a bit longer."

            Takmet and Sasaki smiled.