This was written just after my ex dumped me. He was my first love, though not my first boyfriend. (By the by, all's going well on the love scene now. =^_^= )


There kneels a young woman,
Next to a fresh grave.
She's beside herself in grief.
Lost all the love she gave.

A single tear runs down her cheek.
So heavy is her heart.
The one that she thought was true,
Has broken her apart.

Her dreams were torn asunder,
Because of an ended love.
Though her cries are silent,
They are heard in the skies above.

Nothing seems to matter,
To the grief-stricken girl.
Now her tears are streaming,
As her emotions unfurl.

The grave is for the love she lost,
The tears are from her soul.
The endless days of sorrow,
Are sure to take their toll.

Now she faces life alone,
So unsure of what to do.
Life used to be so colourful,
But now it's all one hue.

Grey clouds fill her mind,
Rain falls down as tears.
She can't escape from them,
All her pain and fears.

How desolate is her heart,
How empty and how bleak.
All she ever wanted was love,
That is why she did seek.

She thought she would be happy,
With the one that she had found.
But her love has been spurned,
Tossed onto the ground.

She picks up the pieces,
Knowing she must go on.
She's not sure how she will
Face the coming dawn.